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  1. Hi, Why some of the airports from Aerosoft/Sim-Wings for MSFS are not available to buy here. For example: Ibiza, La-Palma, Tenerife ?
  2. Hopefully now that World Update 7 has been released, someone will fix this issue.
  3. Hi Nick, I just installed EPMO and see that the problem with static planes still exists.
  4. I just bought EPMO for MSFS and can't see static planes at the gates. I reinstalled the scenery, deleted the content file and SceneryIndexes. Unfortunately, nothing helped. The only difference when switching between static and non-static is the more parking spaces available. I asked on the Drzewiecki forum, but they asked me to report here as it could be the Orbx installer fault. Thanks
  5. I have the same problem. Stand 7 does not work for me. I have not checked others. Likewise, the progress bar very slowly reaches 100% and nothing happens.
  6. This is not taking the client seriously. How the airport looks today has nothing to do with the description of the product and with what I bought some time ago. I want refund
  7. Hello Orbx Team, Is there any update when it will be possible to turn on / off static planes in Orbx scenery using Orbx central? Regards
  8. Have you read my post? Yes, I would like to see only Orbx products. So what should I choose? Regards,
  9. Hi, Can only Orbx products be displayed in the store? I can choose any other developer but no Orbx. Thanks,
  10. I uninstalled Orbx Libraries from P3dv5 folder and installed into Orbx Library and everything is back to normal but maybe just reinstalling Libraries will help. Thanks
  11. I have exactly the same problem with LEAS and LEBB (I installed only these 2 airports so far). It is also a fresh P3dv5.1 install with a hotfix.
  12. The same here. Until today, everything was fine. Now Orbx doesn't recognize MSFS. Re-scan doesn't help. Update. It's started working after updating MSFS Regards
  13. Thank you Nick. I thought the last update changed something. I haven't had this problem before Regards,
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