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Sunken boats and Jetties/Marinas

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Somewhere in the last 2 months - I THINK I saw a fix to this problem -- ????


I haven't used MSFS much as yet - but on the few occasions that I have where water is involved

boats - Marinas and jetties are all just under water as if Bing took all it's pics at King tides.

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Thanks Smudger and you Jon.


The post about the Thames might be the one  - because in those early days of Aug  - 

pre Orbx addon - a big example was sinking of the HMS Belfast just beyond the Tower Bridge


However the solution applies only to that particular addon etc


I raise the point only because I see so many areas where water based items are just - SUNK

especially Marinas - see Portsmouth - the 3 Piers at Blackpool -and my own backyard -

A major marinas and Jetties in our Broadwater - IE the water at shorelines is shown as if the vectors are way out of sync

and the waters are too deep. (See my screen shot example)


Maybe the reverse of the many complaints of Orbx Sydney for example where buildings were floating 

in the air - and solved by the non use of Bing  - On or Off.

bing Broadwater.jpg

2020 Broadwater.jpg

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Apart from mesh issues there are 2 factors:

  • MSFS uses very simple water masks (always high tide as with FSX/P3D) while the Bing imagery shows every detail.
  • At least at this stage of MSFS development water areas are heavily blurred in most places, the farther away from the shorelines the more.

Both combined let you see flooded jetties or other details which are crisp directly at the shore while gradually looking submerged.
There are techniques that can make these details better visible, but they still remain flooded. To solve this completely either hi-res masks are needed that exclude jetties/boats etc. from water (you have to know which type of water in every case), or the entire 2D offshore content has to be removed from the Bing imagery.

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