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A fine winter's day at Bella Coola

Jack Sawyer

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6 hours ago, bernd1151 said:

Great shots, Jack. But look out, your engine will soon quit on you

Hi Bernd, I thought the same too but since this was just a quick test to see if I'd get any vertical spike lines (I didn't) I figured a quick out nd back would be ok.  Bella Coola is such a beautiful place, I'd love to live there.  

6 hours ago, RJ said:

Exquisite shots! :)

Thank you RJ!

4 minutes ago, adambar said:

Beautiful set of shots Jack! :)

Thanks Adam!

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12 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Grand set of shots.



Thanks Iain!

2 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Beautiful scenic shots Jack.

Not so good seeing you trying to kill off the trees in your last shot.:lol:

:lol:  They needed a haircut anyway Martyn!  

1 hour ago, Bermuda425 said:

Tippetytopp series of captures from this mountain lodge



Season's Greetings!

Thanks Erik, I love this place and wish I could actually live there.  The people who do are most fortunate!

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