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  1. I have FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible installed and I'm wondering if openLC Mesh South America is better? I assume it is, but...
  2. Those shots look real! Fantastic!
  3. Truly great shots J. Although I think people below didn't like your show very much! That plane makes a lot of noise!
  4. Really great looking shots. About your first shot: I already lost a lot of airports migrating from different FS versions (FS9, FSX, PD3 all versions). Most of them are freeware and some are not. The freeware airports are lost forever, since you can't email the developer to adjust it for you. The night lights on some recent ones don't work anymore and, again, you can't contact the developer to fix the problem for you. Except for ORBX and others you must pay to update your payware product and since I have hundreds of them this is not a viable option! So... Cheers,
  5. Wow, taking off with a triple 7 from a small airport like SBRJ only an expert (or test pilots) can do. Fantastic!!! Cheers,
  6. I did the same for comparison and the results are really stunning. Top shots, TTM!
  7. A lot of exploring to do here! Brilliant shots you made!
  8. Everything comes to life with this new LC. A most fantastic job done by Orbx! Loved those shots!
  9. Finally a decent LC to fly over. I had three LC products for this area and now ONE!!! A dream come true for sure. And most fantastic shots, John... but couldn't expect less coming from you!!!! Cheers,
  10. You can rename these files to .OFF. If you want a bit more information, please, check this out: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76962-bgl-files/ or http://forum.simflight.com/topic/73972-function-of-br2_xxxxbgl-files/ Cheers,
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