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  1. Wow! Absolutely stunning. From the video, I can tell this scenery will surely be one of the best (if not the best) scenery already released, by all developers, for MSFS. Cannot wait to try it!
  2. Absolutely stunning. One feature that impressed me a lot is the corrected water colors. Wow!
  3. These small or regional airports, as well as GA airfields, are the way to go with MSFS. It’s an incredible simulator for those who enjoy to fly low and slow, and Orbx has tons of experience in this kind of airport. I am sure they will be a huge success.
  4. Seems wonderful! I will definitely buy it. Just be careful with the visual approach slope indicator lights. In LOWI they are always white (I hope this is fixed soon), and here, in #7, I see they should be red and are still white.
  5. I would love to have all the amazing Orbx little airfields ported to MSFS2020. It’s in GA that FS2020 shines. And Orbx is the natural leader developer. Only one request: please make 1S2 available to fly this weekend!
  6. Wow, that’s excellent news! I love this airfield. I cannot wait to see more and more GA airfields ported to MSFS. Nowadays, it’s a sim better suited to flying low and slow than for long flights.
  7. Hi Carlos, that’s true. I bought the ones which are already available. Hopefully the others will come soon. I can’t wait to test FS 2020.
  8. I’ve just bought the available Orbx sceneries now (before having the sim ). I can’t wait to test them after I download FS 2020 tonight. Thanks for being so fast, Orbx!
  9. This TE region is superb. Are there any GA airfields in the pipeline for Oregon, SouthCal,, NorthCal and/or Florida?
  10. I am not sure if I understood the question but, the first time you use static cameras it will read your airport database. Then when you want to use it, it will show the nearest airport and its cameras. It will work for all airports
  11. Thank you very much! Thank you very much, Eberhard! Thank you very much, Mike! Glad to know you liked them! Thank you very much! Thank you very much, Jack! Oh those NGXu wings are out of this world. Thank you very much, Adam! Thank you very much indeed, Carlos! Precisely! It is a static camera, located one end of the runway. But it looks to the runway. So I turned on TrackIr, looked to the opposite side, and zoomed in to get a bigger plane in the scene Thank you very much! Thank you very much indeed! It’s really addictive....
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