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  1. There are so many Orbx pay- and freeware airports south of Vancouver. If I were to fly them all it´d probably take me until Christmas before I get to another country. So I chose an Alaskan airliner (Airbus? Do they use them?) ... ... to climb southwards... ... over the San Juan Islands, ... ... and looking back to Sidney BC. Crossing the border and the channel towards Port Angeles and the Olympic mountains. Lake Cushman to the left, ... ... and Bowerman to the right. Soon we crossed Columbia River at Portland, leaving the volcanoes to port. I like these evening views. Mt. Shasta welcomes... ... in his glory, ... ... just before we arrive... ... in Redding, CA.
  2. For this flight out of squamish I took a plane which is the standard equipment of the airline I am talking about. Not easy to get her airborne on the short runway, but a pleasure to fly over the scenery. At the exit of Squamish´s channel there is Bowen Island. Does it have a connection to the family of @BradB John? Soon after we spot Vancouver city ahead. Lions Gate Bridge, even suited for Jack-style flying. We head a little further eastwards, towards Pitt Meadows airfield, ... ... then we turn over the settlement of Clayton Heights, ... ... before we cross Langley BC. The home of @flyingleaf Karl, and the headquarter of Mule Team Airways. From there it is just a short hop westwards along Hwy 91... ... to Vancouver airport. Not that the jetways would be fitting to the DC-3...
  3. Getting out of Nanaimo land airfield CYCD we pass the nicely detailed industrial area at Duke Point... ... on the way to Nanaimo city. A bit further north is Departure Bay, ... ... where we turn east to cross the channel to the mainland. Another one of @BradB John´s favourite holiday vehicles on the way. Here we cross the confusing coastline of Pender Harbour. Enough parking lots for yachtsmen, it seems. The advantage of using a Cessna rather than a boat is that you can take a shortcut, ... ... looking at Sechelt & Salmon Inlet from above... ... before climbing up to Mt. Wrottesley and Mt. Ellesmere... ... and descending over the Brennan Lakes... ... towards Watt´s Point... ... and into Squamish Harbour. We chose the land airport again, ... ... with a nice place to park... ... and to rest. On a cool July evening.
  4. Developer Andreas Hegi continues his journey across the Pacific Northwest with his latest Cascades scenery - Concrete Municipal Airport! Reinvigorating this classic Orbx destination, 3W5 is located between Orcas Island, Anacortes and Darrington in Skagit County, perfect for short hops exploring the jaw-dropping scenery of this corner of Washington State. Building upon the standards set with his first two airfields for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Andreas has completely reworked Concrete from the original ESP release. New ultra-high-definition artwork, comprehensive PBR, new modelling and terraforming are found throughout. Real-world updates to the airfield are also reflected in this new scenery; the new fuel farm, several hangars under construction, and movement areas have all been created from scratch using up-to-date source material. Beyond the airfield, explore the townsite and surrounding scenery with a host of landmarks, including the well-known Portland Cement Silos, the historic bridge over the Sauk River, the school and plenty more. Major updates to the ground textures, elevations, vegetation and terraforming extend well beyond the airport perimeter too. Already in advanced beta testing as we speak, Concrete will be a must-have for PNW bush pilots - we'll have more screenshots and info coming out over the coming week!
  5. Hot on the heels of his highly popular Orcas Island, developer Andreas Hegi brings us the the next charming airfield in his Pacific Northwest series for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Darrington Municipal Airport! Located in the heart of the North Cascade Mountains in Washington State, Darrington is located a short hop from other well-known small-field destinations such as Orcas, Anacortes and Concrete. Serving Snohomish County and dwarfed by the shadow of the mighty Whitehorse Mountain, this airfield is set in the heart of picturesque Darrington village on the confluence of two rivers. Rich in salmon fishing, wildlife and pristine natural surrounding, it's a perfect base for your bush flying adventures into the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area and North Cascades National Park. A totally new rework of one of our most popular PNW sceneries from the FSX era, Andreas has incorporated entirely new content and technology to bring the airport up to 2020 standards. Complete PBR textures, entirely new high-resolution artwork, weather-influenced ground detailing and evocative night lighting are just the beginning. This is far beyond a simple port; every element has been carefully recreated from on-ground source photography. Beyond the airport perimeter, the township is teaming with atmospheric details; plenty of points of interest dot the town, as well as substantial corrections to the river watermasking, tree placements and grass around the airport. Existing OrbxDirect owners of Darrington for FSX, Prepar3D or X-Plane will receive a 40% discount when purchased through OrbxDirect. The airport will also be available for purchase from the Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace. Available very soon, Darrington Municipal will be priced at USD$12.99 ($US7.79 for existing customers). Be sure to keep an eye out on our forums and social media for more information and updates!
  6. After the sensational impressions I had in OLC Africa I want to re-visit another OLC region. So I queued up on an early morning in Vancouver... ... and finally managed to take off. Just some sights on the way south: Mt. Rainier (plus a little traffic), ... ... the Grand Canyon. In pure OLC - I need to reinstall Maurizio Giorgi´s phenomenal OZx freeware here. Leaving the US near Las Cruzes at the Rio Grande. Mexico City in the haze. The Popocatepetl. At the gulf of Tehuantepec we reached the Pacific... ... encountered dawn near Colombia... ... and arrived in northern Peru already in darkness. Approaching Lima. Here we are. A surprising long flight, now it´s time for some shorter ones!
  7. I love these tiny details added to sceneries, like here in Squamish. I also like runways looking short and narrow like these. As long as you can get your intended plane up into the air. From Squamish it is only a 10-minute-flight to Vancouver. A city that could also deserve a "cityscape light". And it already has an "airport heavy". With possible connections to - everywhere.
  8. The traveller, let us call him Martyn, arrived with all his luggage on time at Nanaimo Water Harbour. And his pilot was kind enough to make a little round over the harbour after takeoff. Just a short hop over the strait brings them to Pender Harbour. All these piers down there! Magnificient fjords... ... and mountains. The traveller and his pilot descend... ... into Squamish... ... for a little rest at the airfield. Thanks to the traveller´s brother for taking all these pictures!
  9. This flight out of Concrete would take a lot of time, if you´d land at every Orbx airport in this region. So I just passed Israel´s Farm ... ... looked back at the Skagit river valley, ... ... crossed the Andeavor refinery, ... ... to Anacortes... ... and Friday Harbour. That island alone has airfields for many hours of pleasure! But I crossed the channel over to Victoria, ... ... virtually visited Holger Sandmann, ... ... and went up to Nanaimo, ... ... followed by a short hop to the waterfront.
  10. Back on tracks of the past in FSX, from the Inland Empire to western Washington. That means boarding in Felts, ... ... a little turn over Spokane, ... ... and waving to our friends in Colbert. Down Spokane River to where it meets the Columbia. Grand Coulee Dam, ... ... Steamboat Rock, ... ... and Dry Falls are worth a little detour. Chelan Mun. Do you remember these two FSX missions starting here? The valley to the left is where we all picked up the "missing coworker". In much worse scenery and weather. And Stehekin was the place for tricky landings. But with the King one can easily climb over the Cascades to see Glacier Peak... ... and Mount Baker, ... ... before turning downwind into Concrete. I wonder if John @lifejogger is still virtually here...
  11. I have just purchased and installed the NA Pacific Northwest regional sceanary pack for fsx and mostly all is fine. However one thing remains to be fixed. I am getting black 'placeholder' trees in some areas that I assume are due to a missing or misnamed texture. This only occurs in the PNW area. No warning is issued by FSX about texture issues. I have run the Orbx verify option and that shows no issues. No other addons have been installed. I attach a screen shot below that shows the problem. Can anyone suggest where I might look to solve this? Thanks in advance Andyr aka G1UUP
  12. Via the latest added goodie of ferries, terminals and other shipping to the PNW area, life is even come more to realisme. Thanks to 'Larry_R' upgraded scenery project, flying is become more interactive with these nautical extra features. My first flight in a Goose-flyboat is over Nanaimo - CAC8 and a sea-landing nearby a large freighter:
  13. Hi guys, With the settings I have in p3Dv5 - 30fps in VC / 30 fps outside in 4K with all Heavy a ** addons - Minor tweaks finally. I even posted on Avsim my 2nd epic thread for P3Dv5 I am finally in Orbx Heaven here - OMG my sceneries look awesome. OMG!!!!! Enjoy the shots - Flying low, hard and fast - 3000 ft, at 360 knts. Windows 10 2004 is used - it is better VRAM management 1) Disable HT and No Affinity Mask - I tried them all. Let P3Dv5 do its thing. This one is system dependent - Try it with on too. I removed Affinity mask 2) MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=300000 (Default is 1000) 3) Enable HIGH_RESOLUTION_TERRAIN_TEXTURES=1 in Settings 3) TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 - this goes in [TERRAIN] 4) LOD_RADIUS=3.500000 Please see this thread on Avsim by yours truly (me lol) - it has the settings/logic on how I discovered this. The below has all Orbx scenery images of my addons Orbx Socal and Orbx Global+openLC NA - KORD Area. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/575074-mega-addons-with-amazing-performance-in-4k-part-2/ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/574981-win-10-pro-2004-heavy-addons-vram-settings-etc-30fps/ (the Part 2 Settings override this one, but Windows Build 2004 is required for VRAM management) 6GB Video Card USERS - Can You try this (Windows 2004 build will be great but try it with what you have first) LOD 2.5 and Hi Res Textures =1 and Try Texture Exp 9 or 10. Enjoy
  14. Here I continue my exploration of P3D v5. S93: 2W3:
  15. After a long time installing the new version and some add-ons, my first impressions (after flying for 10 minutes on P3D v5) are: (i) it runs much smoother and with better FPS than v4 (ii) the atmosphere and the clouds are amazing (iii) everything looks better and "feels" more real. I was able to set many sliders to the right, and even then I got more than 60 fps above PNW. I will test it further, with other planes, in other locations, etc. This is my first screenshot with the new sim:
  16. Thank you, Orbx for incredible TrueEarth HD platform for X-Plane!!! Best sim for me now.
  17. Hi there. I'm new to flight sims and have purchased the OrbX Pacific Northwest package and am trying to get it working in P3D v 4.5. I installed it using OrbX central and it seems to show up in the 'scenery options' in the main p3d screen but I'm not seeing the photorealistic (or even particularly nice) landscapes etc. I read through the installation guide and changed my settings (I think) to the recommended ones but no joy. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but for the life of me can't figure out what. Any help would be appreciated. Image of the landscape around the Seattle area attached just to show you what I'm seeing.
  18. While working from home I'm able to do some flying on a 3rd computer monitor. As my main focus is on work (on my other 2 monitors), I mainly stick to crusing along coasts to keep navigation easy. Took off from Sekiu in NW Washington state, flew NW, around the tip, then headed south along the coast. Ozette Lake is off to the left... P3Dv4.5 A2A T-6 Texan
  19. All my ORBX products work perfectly, EXCEPT Pacific Northwest north of Seattle. The textures become very blurry when making even a short flight. This occurs nowhere else in my ORBX world I own many of the PNW airports north of Seattle and wonder if too many scenery add-ons are too much for my high-end Jetline Systems rig. Very frustrating Any suggestions?
  20. a visit over Nanaimo, as one of the several freeware made seabases for Orbx-PNW and at the end landing in front of the city of Nanaimo in a yellow Quest Kodiak:
  21. Yesterday I did this same flight on XP11. Tried it today on P3D to feel the pros and cons. After the flight, my first impressions are: 1) The airports are very much the same at either platform, all very beautiful and detailed. 2) I feel that TE Washington is light-years ahead from PNW/P3D. The difference between both is stunning. Even though I love ORBX PNW/P3D, IMO TE Washington provides the most realistic views I have ever seen. 3) For me, in P3D the weather representation is still better than in XP11 (including seasons, rain, snow and better turbulence effects) - this has nothing to do with ORBX. My conclusions: - It is a pleasure to fly across this region in both platforms, each sim has its weaknesses and strengths. - TE Washington is the most stunning product I have seen in years. Well done ORBX! - XP11 or P3D? For me, both!!!!
  22. Inspired by the recent excellent post from our colleague @carlosqr, I decided to also go back to the lovely Walter Sutton airfield. I agree with him - it is really a quite special place to fly!
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