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  1. Out over eastern Oregon at FL 30 on a flight from Medford to Idaho Falls.
  2. Seems like every flight from Southern California to Medford, Oregon goes right by Mt. Shasta.
  3. Crossing over KBUR at FL 30 on a flight from KSAN to KMFR. Frame rates dropped a bit.
  4. This is a flight in the Sabreliiner from Edmonton, Canada to Medford, Oregon mostly at 40,000 feet.
  5. Excellent shots. This looks like P3D. Interesting the way the engines are mounted.
  6. A direct GPS flight from Palm Springs to Medford takes you right up the spine of the Sierras, right over Lake Tahoe, and just to the east of Mt. Shasta. This flight is at 20,000 feet.
  7. Over Klamath Lake on the way to KSUN.
  8. To the left of the sun is Mount McLaughlin over 8000 feet high. Above the Saberliner is Coker Butte, a couple of hundred feet high. To the right is Roxy Anne Mountain, about 3000 feet, a county park at the summit, and a very nice winery on the lower slopes. A morning flight to somewhere, not yet sure where. in the offing.
  9. Looks like one of my landings.
  10. Its da Saberliner by Aeroplane Heaven, freeware on Orbx Direct. Its not a study aircraft but its a real hoot to fly. Pretty basic P3D, but you need the manual because there are lots of switches in odd places and almost all do something. You have to watch your speed. It just keeps accelerating at high throttle settings. The engines take a while to spool up and down. Find the speed brakes and use them. I assigned the speed brakes to the spoiler axis and there is a reverser axis command that you need to keep from shooting off the end of the runway. The "manual" says approach at 90 knots but it stalls at 120 on the tiny airspeed indicator needle. Maybe knots vs mph problem. Orbx central wants to put the Saberliner in the Orbx library but P3d could not find it there and the program just hung. There are three versions which I just moved into the P3D airplane folder and it loaded fine after I moved the Saberliner folder out of the Orbx library to the desktop and put the two effects files in the P3D effects folder..
  11. Gotta read the manual.
  12. I left the landing light on.
  13. A flight from West Wind 7WA3 to De Vere Field 2W1 with enhanced atmospherics in P3D5 and Rex Sky Force. Too hot and smoky in southern Oregon for a couple of days to work on the garden railroad so I'm back to siming for a while.
  14. Tomales Bay, a bit north of San Francisco on the way to Santa Rosa. 140 kts. at 6500 ft. in my souped up 170b.
  15. A flight from Half Moon Bay to Santa Rosa. Ca.
  16. To me the main difference is in the lighting which is changeable in sim anyway.
  17. Lots for excellent shots. I think the water looks a little better in 4.5 than it does in 5.
  18. N5248P was my brother's dearly loved Comanche. This is a flight from Medford, Or. to escape the heat (110 in our backyard) down to Lake Tahoe, Ca. The route passes by Mt Shasta in Northern California.
  19. In the summer I mostly fly RC airplanes and work on the garden railroad. I flight sim more in the winter or when afternoons are too hot for comfort in the summer. I have the GTN 750 in the Skymaster and I souped it up via the config file so I get 160kts at 9500 feet. I tried to turbocharge it but it just spins in a crashes and I get the red screen of death with PD3
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