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  1. Lately, attention has mainly been focused on MSFS 2020. But fortunately, in the meantime, development is still underway for P3D. Or scenery will be made compatible with P3Dv5. On orbxdirect I saw that EDBJ is now compatible with P3Dv5. This is only recently (a few weeks, perhaps 2 months). Orbx thanks for this. I think ENHF is the last European airport that is not yet compatible and of course Cityscene Barcelona is not yet. I hope one day they also become compatible.
  2. The sooner the better. We are already waiting for so long
  3. Looks great. I'll buy it as soon as it is released. Good combination with FT YSSY
  4. Hi Donnie, Have you set the lights configurator in global base? I use the smallest lights (very small) and I am happy with it. Rein
  5. Yes I know that AIG is working on a release for MSFS and ofcourse MSFS keeps being updated with system updates, world updates and so on. I know, because I follow the AVSIM MSFS forum. But seeing is believing. Perhaps I should have written: For the moment P3D5.2 is much more immersive for me than MSFS. Perhaps in a year I change my mind, but still not so sure about that.
  6. Brad, I know that developers changed there focus on developing for MSFS. From a business point of view completely understandable. But I was aiming at all the airports in the aerosoft catalogue already available for P3D4+ but not yet in Orbx central, like Liepaja or Bratislava. I hope these and others will also come to Orbx central. By the way I also have MSFS, but I'm not impressed by it. Immersion for me also have to do with a good functioning AI system (like AIG in P3D), reliable avionics, AP, flight dynamics, etc. Especially AIG is very immersive in my opinion. And furthermore I like the EA. In MSFS I think the summer landscape is much too green, just like many roads (due to the satellite imagery). I don't have experience with the seasonpacks of Bijan. Well to summarize all; P3D5.2 is much more immersive for me than MSFS. So I stay with P3D and hope developers will continue to develop for it.
  7. Thanks for bringing PANC from Aerosoft to Orbx central. Aerosoft has a lot more scenery for P3D4+. I hope more will find their way to Orbx central. Thank you. Rein
  8. Yes very happy with another P3D airport. CYHZ not at my wishlist at the moment, but certainly will be in the near future.
  9. Same problem here in the netherlands. I think it is a dns problem
  10. Thanks for bringing DD airports to FSX/P3D in Orbx central. I have a short remark about UBBB. It's placed in Europe,which suggests that it is covered by OLC Europe. But it's not when I look at the coverage figures in the OLC Europe documentation. UBBB is part of Asia so could best be placed there together with RJAA I think.
  11. I don't own 11S, but I do have 0S9. There were all kind of problems with 0S9 (buildings not showing, no animated people). Just search for 0S9 in this forum and you can find several topics about it. But with the new groundpoly from BuddhistMan 0S9 works perfect! Thanks for that. I installed 0S9 outside the P3D folder, together with all other Orbx scenery. 0S9 running in P3D 5.2 HF1 together with EA works perfect.
  12. Okay, last bgl did the trick. Works fine now. Thanks!
  13. Okay I'll try tomorrow morning. Just did asecond try with the first bgl fille, but OLC Europe disabled. I know it it's not needed. Taxiway and runway markings are back again but in the same way as it was from the start. Don't know exactly what's going on, but looks like it depends on the view. Taxiway markings disappear and then after a turn from the AC they reappear. Just like the OP described. Thanks for your quick support. Otherwise it's a very nice scenery.
  14. I have the same problem and can confirm that the attached bgl file doesn't work. In fact, now I don't see any taxiway markers or runway markers anymore. I use global, vector for P3dv5 and OLC Europe
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