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  1. Bonjour Steffen, MCX is for ModelConverterX, with this tool you can change the material properties of a 3D model (and do many other things) but normally you should not modify Orbx files, it was just for test purposes and confirm the theory.
  2. Hi there, As a dev I am aware of this and of course it's not just a matter of making the fix. I just wanted to get some feedback from someone who worked on this, if there could be any downside and if a fix will be looked at.
  3. Hello there, I'm surprised nobody reported this yet but an annoying issue with trees appeared with v5.3: trees edge are visible through fog when sky is directly behind trees (please see attached picture). This seems to be linked to this issue: I've been able to solve both issues by editing the material of the trees with MCX as a test and used the same parameters as default P3D trees (that were updated). The required parameters are these: Destination blend=zero Source blend=one It seems to add a bit of shimering but it's definitely better, than seeing trees that are 5km away through fog. If any developer could look at this it would be great, fixing the model is quite quick using batch convert. Thanks by advance !
  4. Hello again, Not sure why but after many attempts, it seems to work again...
  5. Hello there, I'm having a weird issue with Orbx central for a few days, the scenery configurators do not take effect anymore in any scenery and do not enable/disable features correctly (the setting itself shows as changed in central but the associated bgl file is not changed). Any idea?
  6. There are recommended HDR settings to use with Envshade to prevent such results...
  7. Thanks a lot Nick, I can confirm this has been solved
  8. Hello Nick Thanks for your very quick answer. First of all, I don't see the version displayed directly in central like your see it, pretty weird: So I've checked the files and found the text file that shows the version number, it says the installed version is 200524 which is 1.1. v1.2 should be 201109. About trying to verify the files, I did it already yesterday and it didn't change anything, so I've uninstalled it and manually checked everything was correctly removed and did the install again, and I still have the same version. May be it's just the wrong version in the text file but it's hard to tell.
  9. Hello there, I own the Milviz King Airn 350i purchased through Orbx, but 2 months after their latest update, the version published on Orbx central is still outdated. Current version is 1.2 but the one distributed on central is 1.1. Could this be looked at?
  10. Hi, I solved it this way: deleting the contents of OF_Config.xml then click the "Sync sim" button in central and the issue disappeared.
  11. This worked for me ! Thanks ! Not sure why the issue appeared as the paths were already fine but anyways
  12. Hi there, I'm having a similar issue where objectflow searches xml files into "D:\Prepar3D v4\D:\Addons\....\" which is obviously wrong. The path is correct in the OF_CONFIG.xml file and correctly starts with "D:\Addons\...\" as expected. This happens with AUv2 since the latest update.
  13. I have the same error with v4, clicking "Sync Simulator" did not solve the issue. The path shown in the error message does not even exist and never existed (I've checked the file "OF_Config.xml" and the path is correct).
  14. Hi @Nick Cooper, Problem solved, it seems that updating to the latest version is not enough and a full reinstall of OpenLC & OpenLC mesh and photoreal is necessary to prevent those duplicated entries. Thanks for the help !
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