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  1. It should, but infortunately, too many "small" updates are not "signaled" to Orbx Central (no change of the version number)
  2. I am sorry to fully desagree - I have seen several changes which did have a (beneficial) effect. Yes - as you say it MIGHT - but YOU don't know and I will not be able to make my own opinion. When a developer decides that an update should be made, we should know it. Gérard
  3. May I add that, unfortunately, Central is not always aware of some "small" updates or fixes ... "Just verify the scenery ..." appears in some threads and you need to be lucky to catch it, even more since the support forum are "read-only". Central is great but sometimes misused Gérard
  4. I would add that I frequently discovered my issue and its solution by regularly browsing the support forum, before asking. I even discovered several updates non shown by Orbx Central Gérard
  5. It is created and used by ObjectFlow (OF_Config.xml) - you need it ! Gérard
  6. Maybe we could get back in V5.2 Charleston - please Gérard
  7. Thank very much - I was checking daily from month now and was fearing it could be abandoned. You give back hope... Gérard
  8. Warning to the readers - I intent to stay with P3D and stay away from online systems (as long as possible....) I discovered flight sim and FSX during a visit to "Musée du Bourget" (LFBO) - I had a hand on session during which I almost succeeded to land the FSX DC3 It was like realizing an old dream and very quickly I discovered Orbx with Global, Vector and Open_LC EU. A lot of other developers were proposing large airports, but Orbx was occupying a very unique market with regions and small airports (with a lot of attention to details AND including seasons). I bought all the regions and more than 90 such airports. But since several years, even before the MSFS vogue, I saw Orbx evolving, bringing large airports and TrueEarth (abandonning seasons except for NL - the only one I have bought), becoming also a distributor, loosing what made it different. I keep still checking the sparse P3D creations which does not duplicate other devs large airports (and eagerly waiting the next OpenLC opus, and the one time promised remaining Channel Islands, just to name some futur instant buy). I am missing the poetry of landclass and seasons and do hope that there is still a market for this niche, and that Orbx will still allocate some resources (not a large market, but able to provide some revenues). But I start feeling lonely... Gérard
  9. Hi Nick, A big thank for your files - they works also with CRM. Gérard
  10. Thanks for the advice. I will uninstall it. And report latter (I am out for several days). Gérard
  11. Hello, Since several month I am asking (and waiting) a feedback on side effect when ObjectFlow is activated. Since V5.1, I get a new dxdiag.txt generation at sim closure. I add previously (V5) a critical error in the event viewer. Now I have only the dxdiag.txt. As this is not obviously visible, nobody seam to care. This as an impact on various addons using simconnect (no more seeing the sim closure). Checked with a minimum of add-ons to try to identify the origin. PATH=H:\OrbxGlobal\p3dv5\Global BASE Pack PATH=H:\OrbxGlobal\p3dv5\Orbx Libraries PATH=H:\OrbxGlobal\p3dv5\Orbx ObjectFlow This happens as soon as I activate ObjectFlow. (Refreshed by Orbx Central) I would be greatful if someone would at last take a look. Gérard dxdiag.txt
  12. HI, Just go it this morning with Obx Central My FSW Falcon 50 is impatient to goback there Thank you very much Gérard
  13. Graham, The two files are both from 2019 before and after "verify files" (January and July) Gérard
  14. Graham, Thank you for this great new Gérard
  15. Hi dcongram, My comment was targetted at Orbx Team. Orbx Central has a nice update facility as long as it is aware that there has been a modification... That's what "version" is meant for. If you check the version of "Devil's Tower" you will be surprised to see that it is still the old version number... Gérard
  16. Hello, I just got 7 upgraded airports in prepar3D V5 "You know what ? I'am happy" A big thank to Orbx Team. Gérard
  17. Thanks Nick for the info BUT why still not using the Update feature which is built in Orbx central, for that purpose That is the only way to stay up to date, as it is so easy to miss one of these messages.... Gérard
  18. Hi Graham, I am confused : reading this thread I thought that the new version was available, but looking in OrbxDirect I only see the May 4, 2020 version. Any target date for this new version. Thanks
  19. In fact, Open LC Africa offers 8 airports as a "bonus" (but you are right, this is not usual with the other Open LC) Gérard
  20. Thanks for the fix. I did not used the CVX, as I don't use crash detection To many sceneries have issues with this option ON... True... Gérard
  21. Or at least a feedback concerning the progress of an update, as promised by Ed. Gérard
  22. Will give a try - thanks for the suggestion Gérard
  23. Nick, I have no problem with tne V1, I just was following info given on "FTX AU AI Traffic Update" Given this kind of comment, I thought it was already available May be this was a remark from a "beta-tester"... Will wait for the official annuncement Sorry for the confusion. Thanks Gérard
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