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  1. Hello, I was thinking to ask the same question but I was sure about the answer. Anyway please, VFR-Pilot, be more precise on what you did for using AFS 2 sceneries in AFS 4. Thank you very much. Best regards
  2. Hello, I did what you suggested. Everything is OK without this folder. However I noticed it was created again and the xml file contains paths for installed airports only (excepted the first one being deleted). Best regards
  3. Hello, Obviously I verified that my folder on D:\ was OK after each installation. My concern was mainly the fact that the Orbx folder in Prepar3D v5 was almost empty (the xml file is relative only to airports and not to global products). That is strange (?) but has no importance as everything is OK now. The default addon folder is "Addon Scenery" in Prepar3D v5. Thank you very much for explanations. Best regards
  4. Hello, Thank you for the info but my P3D addon folder (Addon Scenery dans Prepar3D v5) does not contain any Orbx scenery (physical or linked). In this folder there is only a FVFR scenery). All sceneries (global, vector, ... from Orbx and LFLB from FVFR) I reinstalled are working fine. I thought that the greyed statut was because of the link to a storage on D:\ but why these links are not visible somewhere ? Best regards
  5. Hello, I installed again a small airport (LSGK) and I was surprised that the scenery looked like as expected even if links are not visible in Prepar3D v5\Orbx folder. Some files reaarangements must be made. I don't know how. Best regards
  6. Hello, I did a complete installation of P3Dv5.3 and I did not change the management of Orbx libraries I had with P3Dv5.2. Something looks strange and I would like having explanations. The Orbx folder in the Prepar3D V5 folder in C:\ is almost empty (screenshot 1) and the library panel in the simulator looks like OK (screenshot 2) even if I'm surprised that all Orbx names are greyed (perhaps it is normal). After the P3D installation I thought I had only to resynchronise again via the Orbx central panel and I got this problem (if it is one). I uninstalled all Orbx products and began a new installation. The result was the same. Thank you very much for an explanation. Best regards
  7. Hello, Thank you for your quick answer. FPS with MSFS on the present PC (laptop ALW) were not bad (25-30 with almost all cursors to high) but after 1/4 hours temperature was too high. The new PC is a desktop and with the water cooling (only for processor as such cooling for GPU is not yet completely available) I think such temperature problem will be out. Best regards
  8. Hello, My PC (ALW 15R3) is OK for FSX, P3Dv5 and XP11 but not for MSFS (temperatures may be greater than 90 °C). I'm going to receive a new PC much more powerful and I guess there is no problem for installing on this new PC Orbx Central and MSFS sceneries I purchased for the old PC. In the mean time I will continue to use the old PC for others simulators. Thank you very much for a confirmation or not for this way of continuing to use OBRX products on this new PC. Best regards g rio PS : main characteristics of the new PC are (i9 9900KF, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3070 8 GB). It should be OK for MSFS.
  9. Hello, Thank you for answering. You have not completely answered to my initial question (visibility of links) but I guess the answer is given by the fact that Orbx products are mentioned in the Content Manager panel. However I have some difficulty to be sure it is the Orbx scenery which is loaded: with others simulators it is evident as there is a big difference between default scenery and Orbx scenery. As an example in the case of 1S2 scenery I don't find some typical objects which are displayed in P3D and XP11. May be you changed the scenery but I still have a doubt: how to make sure the Orbx scenery is really loaded ? Best regards
  10. Hello, Perhaps a stupid question. Anyway I try. Is there a way for seeing in the Community folder the links that are created by Orbx Central when installing products on an external support. For others third-parties scenery I use a mklink and such links are obviously visible in the Community folder. I think I was wrong when applying the same method with Orbx products as I discovered in the Content manager panel that an Orbx scenery was mentioned twice. At the moment I have some problem which might be a consequence of this error. To be sure please confirm (or not) the following steps: before an update of MSFS the only thing to do is to clear the Community folder and after create again via a batch file the links for non Orbx products and open Orbx Central to synchronize again Orbx products to MSFS. I'm not sure having clear enough. Thank you very much for explanations. Best regards
  11. Hello, Thank you for your quick answer. If I have well understood at the moment it is not possible to land on LOIU helipad. I guess it will be possible in the future : not before the official release of helicopter by ASOBO ? Best regards
  12. Hello, I tried the H135 mod helicopter for MSFS and I was surprised to discover that the helipad of the central hospital of LOWI could not be used. Perhaps I missed something. Thank you for comments. Best regards
  13. Hello, In Orbx Central I have uninstalled the scenery Quatam River (installed for the first time on the 11/27/2019) and I have installed it again. It is OK now. I noticed that the main folder (ORBX_A_Quatam_River_Airport) was made of 662 files instead of 661 in the previous one. It means that there was an update for this scenery during 2020 and this update was not proposed by Orbx Central. Why ? Thank you again for helping. Best regards PS i had exactly the same issue as BobbieH (only Sterling Heliport).
  14. Hello, Thank you for the link. I tried the suggested solutions but it does not work. I noticed these solutions were given more than one year ago. I guess the developer knows the problem ? At the beginning I never had problem when typing PS01 but I have not used this scenery since several months. How do you explain this change ? Best regards
  15. Hello, A few months ago when I purchased Quatam River I used the OACI PS01 to be located at this place. Now this OACI is no more available. Obviously I verified that everything was OK concerning Orbx files. Is there a change in the OACI ? I tried also by entering the name : nothing. I had a look on text file with all airports : nothing. What is missing or what did I wrong ? Thank you very much for comments. Best regards
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