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  1. Stewart Hobson's post in Control Panell greyed out in certain scenery FTX 3 was marked as the answer   
    Hi, there.  There aren't Control Panels for those products where the button is greyed out.
  2. Stewart Hobson's post in Kmem Elevation issue after loading 1.40 was marked as the answer   
    You're welcome, as far as I was able to shed some light.  The fact that adding KMEM to the disable column worked simply means that Vector's elevation data for the airport was off a few feet, or more, so disabling it brought it back to normal.  The fault would be with Vector's "updated" airport data.  I would leave it where it is and be done with it.  As a comparison, I have 21 airports on the disable side, both in NA and in Europe, that I had to manually disable because Vector's data was incorrect.
  3. Stewart Hobson's post in Obj libs in scenery library was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it is listed as a scenery item, but it should be placed above all Orbx airports.



  4. Stewart Hobson's post in Won't install was marked as the answer   
    Squamish CYSE (get the payware) and Campbell River CYBL (available freeware from Don Grovestine; go to his website stuff4fxs.com) are a couple of my favorites.  Be careful when flying in and around Vancouver, BC.  Sometimes the frame rate hit can be annoying, especially in a jetliner (that's what I hear; I don't fly jetliners).



  5. Stewart Hobson's post in Trees and Houses in Water was marked as the answer   
    Good to hear, Gary.  Glad to be of help.  However, Holger's solution should have worked.  The fresh terrain.cfg should have been the cure.  Oh, well....
  6. Stewart Hobson's post in Blurry Textures in terrain regions was marked as the answer   
    Mike,  You'll have to reinstall all the aircraft you want to keep, not to mention all your Orbx and any other add-on scenery.  And congratulations on your new "toy".

  7. Stewart Hobson's post in 11S see through taxiway was marked as the answer   
    Yep.  Make sure your Mesh resolution is set to 5m.  All payware FTX airports assume mesh resolution is set to 5m.



  8. Stewart Hobson's post in Parry Sound CNK4 People Flow was marked as the answer   
    Don't forget to install the latest OrbxLibs.
  9. Stewart Hobson's post in FTX installed on disks other than FSX installation was marked as the answer   
    Mike,  Unfortunately, that's the conclusion most of us have reached! 
  10. Stewart Hobson's post in How do I activate two regions together was marked as the answer   
    Nope.  That's what Global Hybrid is for, as I understand it.



  11. Stewart Hobson's post in Odd land textures off the coast of Monterey KMRY was marked as the answer   
    As it turns out, a complete re-install of all three Global Vector packages did the trick.  I probably goofed up the original re-install.  Thank you Wolter and Voyager.  I feel safe in taking off from KMRY again.

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