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  1. As a B777F pilot, I am expecting to fly to most MSFS airports as defaults. Current viewing of the default sceneries gives me a warm feeling, particularly not having the need for jetways at freight stands.
  2. Maybe the ongoing changes to the airfield layout mean that it is better to wait for stability
  3. Thank you both for your constructive thoughts. My solution is a little different. I have created the 7 subdirectories of Scenery for the the continents, and some of these already contain non-Orbx sceneries. Orbx will not allow me to create pointers to these libraries if they are not empty. I have therefore created an additional dummy 'continent' and temporarily moved each of the existing continents' contents to it while I create the Orbx library pointer to it, then moved the dummy's contents back. Using the File Explorer>Move to icon, this presented little workload. There remains a little missing facility - I am unable to view the contents of the Orbx scenery libraries from the libraries listed in the Libraries display. And I am still at a loss as to what Scan for Libraries might be meant to do.
  4. Could this be due to the library being alphabetically the first library? My subsequent North America and South America folders already contain scenery and I was allowed to specify these.
  5. When I try to add an Addons Linker library which already exists and is not empty, Orbx > Settings > Libraries neither finds the existing libraries with Scan for Libraries nor allows Create a new library. Any ideas for a workaround?
  6. Hi Graham, I think that Jarrad said the same about YPPH ? Such a strategically important commercial airport would allow flights across Australia and the Indian Ocean.
  7. It seems to me that many pilots have been eager to purchase MSFS without either having the aircraft they normally fly or not waiting for completed models of the aircraft that they do fly. This may be because of the attractions of the new. I have been wondering how many have been regularly flying the default LM aircraft: Carenado AC11 Commander Alabeo Extra 300s Lockheed C69A, Electra 10A, Constellation Milviz P38-L Lockheed Martin C-130, F16, F22, F35A Maule M7 Mooney Acclaim, Bravo Piper Club Robinson R22 Sikorsky CH-53E, MH-60, S-70, UH-60 Why the rush to try an expensive and incomplete new simulator?
  8. How do I display my VRAM usage? I am using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.
  9. Good question, Wombat. I see nothing that describes the differences between my current YBBN scenery and the free one, except that the free one says it was released this year. I have 'purchased' the free version but the download speed is approx 0 bpm. This on a 200mb connection that I have tested is available at 200+ mb. I hope that the download is worth it
  10. Hi Jack, I have just successfully installed Vector for P3Dv5 from Orbx Central without problems. Good luck!
  11. Unfortunately I don't yet have a P3Dv5 compatible aircraft to fly. Static airport views are very good.
  12. They are claiming improved resolution. Enough for me to install it
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