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  1. and the more useful ICAO codes... ( 2 in red only exist as freeware - not present in game by default ) Airport Country ICAO 1. Aibai - Length 1490 ft Slope 11% PNG AIBA 2. Sindeni - Length 1770 ft Slope 7% PNG AYDY 3. Aziana - Length 994 ft Slope 20% PNG AYLA 4. Gema - 1540 ft Slope 17% PNG AYGM 5. Malamunda - 1738 ft Slope 4% PNG AYPR 6. Nankina - 1837 ft Slope 10% PNG AYNA 7. Simbari - 1597 ft Slope 10% PNG AYQB 8. Simogu - 1673 ft Slope 7% PNG AYQM 9. Owena - 1245 ft Slope 17% PNG AYKS 10. Yambaitok - 1673 ft Slope 1% PNG AYYZ
  2. с Новым годом! Looking forward to all three actually! Aberdeen and Inverness, esp! ( I was secretly hoping Belfast would be City Airport - looks pretty scenic ) That'll definitely make some Loganair / Twin Otter fans happy.... now if someone would just fix Barra @BAW9DV FYI - Prague is being done by 2 developers and Domodedovo is being worked on by another Orbx partner.
  3. 3.3Gb installed ( with just the 2 planes, and TP house scenery - no additional liveries or mods d/l )
  4. I'm sure they had his permission to add the house It'd be nice to have POIs with the plane/scenery as well.... Skypark could add a full tour I found a couple of the spots just messing around - but it's challenging in game, since the detail and accuracy isn't quite there for doing improvised strips... @Dreamsofwings1 - nice review btw, I'm looking forward to the release...
  5. I was thinking about modeling his home airstrip last year as freeware, but decided it would be invasive and kinda creepy.... Interesting to see they're including it in the package. It would be cool if they added POIs for all the local bush landing spots from his videos
  6. Yeah, it sounds like something I would enjoy... on occasion. I'll definitely give Pilot Edge a try, since even though I'm working overseas West Coast is still home, and fly there in sim and IRL when I can
  7. I probably will give both a try at some point - everything I hear about VatSim and the strict rules kinda turns me off. Sometimes you need to pause a flight, or do something else and getting banned because you have a life doesn't sound like my bag Frequently if I fly over 1.5 hours enroute, I'll just AP on and go do work, laundry or dishes - then come back for ToD.
  8. Definitely... and my understanding from some devs, is the XBox limitations aren't that bad, so most sceneries could be compatible with some tweaking. I'd be curious about the 3rd parties with Orbx Central, since Orbx takes a percentage of their sales, and then if their airports get moved to Marketplace, where MS takes a similar percentage... ? Or Orbx would just move their 'native' products over, and the partners would be responsible for their own airports on Marketplace? ( which I think is more likely )
  9. It'd make sense to have a X-Box section on the website, that would be redundant, like the partners page. And probably add an X-Box badge to the normal product page as well, to show compatibility. But not on Central, since you buy and manage addons for PC there - it'd be confusing.
  10. I leave it on as ambient background noise, since I'm not flying on Vatsim ...but I hate the player ATC interaction and just assign it to AI copilot. Press "1" wack-a-mole mini-game.
  11. The only MilViz plane for MSFS on Central is the Corsair. MilViz said a few weeks ago they hadn't decided about putting the Porter up yet, but they would announce it if they did. I was waiting to buy it from Orbx, but now I'll just wait to check out the free version from Asobo in a few weeks and see if it's worth going with the payware. I feel sorry for the other 3rd party developing a Porter... coming after MilViz and a freebie from MS.
  12. Pac Sim's prices are insane for the quality shown in the screenshots - default SDK textures everywhere? ....but Northern Sky is excellent, and would seem to be a good fit for Orbx - high quality, smaller airports.
  13. it depends on where, and server load - but usually for me - it looks bad most of the time. I much prefer geo for skyscrapers / skyline buildings since the developer controls the LOD and they don't look like melted pyramids at distance. Photogrammetry works better for lots of small, low buildings, IMO.
  14. I msg'd MilViz and they said they were still thinking about it.
  15. Yeah, a lot of the bridges in the Bay Area ( and LA ) could use some love. I personally think all the major cites should have real geo for the skyscrapers or anything that constitutes a skyline. I'm not a fan of the photogrammetry, but I think it works reasonably well for low buildings, like suburbs and smaller, dense city buildings. Anything that is seen from a distance should be proper geo, as the photogrammetry looks terrible when it LODs. I'd love proper landmarks / cities for SF and LA.
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