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  1. same - have a 2nd monitor for Charts / flight planning.... have been thinking about getting an iPad mini for Navigraph and Foreflight - but I'm not flying enough IRL to justify Foreflight
  2. I was on the fence for years on Navigraph - subscribed about 7-8 months ago and it's considerably better than I expected. Main thing is sim brief integration, and being able to spit out flight plans to any of the study level planes, and to MSFS world map. Plus, charts workflow is super easy in flight. Switching from taxi to SID to STAR to Appch to Taxi is really convenient while flying ( and being able to overlay all that on top of the enroute chart is nice. I have a big stash of PDF plates that I've accumulated over the years, and didn't have too much problem using those for instrument approaches - but I'd be too lazy to grab all the SIDs/STARs and Airport Diagrams - so having it automatic for pretty much every airport in the world is fantastic. The monthly fee is worth your time saved hunting down charts. Makes IFR and airline flights much more fun.
  3. It's NBD... just some SIM updates will change some of my settings, but most stay the same - I just didn't check first to see before flying. easy fix when you notice it
  4. fair enough - I tuned it where it's running fine in both 4k 2D and VR... I'm fine to wait for DX12 and later drivers It still annoys me that they change your graphic settings, so you jump in to check the game and are like "wow - way smoother!!" then realize clouds got set to LOW and AA is way down.... then you go set everything back and it's like "i guess it's better?"
  5. I actually rolled back DLSS when testing settings in VR last night - was getting worse perf than TAA. I heard incoming nVidia drivers might help, and wasn't running DX12 ( forgot to test it ) will check it again later this week
  6. If KVNY is due for an update anytime in the near future - it'd be great to get an update on the runway lighting for 16R. I was kinda confused flying the ILS tonight The displaced threshold is included in the main runway lights and instrument approach lighting appears to be missing? Thx! Runway end lights in the correct position, plus instrument lighting ( you can't see the rabbit in the still, obviously )
  7. PHNL is still theoretically in development elsewhere, although there haven't been any updates in ages. Still a few other Hawaiian airports to finish off though
  8. assuming you're asking about True Earth for P3D or XP? I think it's in NorCal - they used to have kmz files for Google Earth so you could see the exact region, but I just have them for the old FSX version ( it's in SoCal for the NA Gold scenery You'd probably want to get both, regardless, since it's so close to the border of the sceneries - it'd be really noticeable that the coverage stops.
  9. well, devs will always do passion projects from time to time, and it's a nice break to work on smaller airports vs 8-12 months for a larger airport, so I wouldn't throw in the towel. There's a few Catalinas, Luklas, St Barts out there that are small, but famous enough and would be in demand with a general audience. In addition to lack of player awareness and lack of demand for small strips - they generally have to be priced lower to get people to check them out. You still have to do a lot of work to make a good scenery of "Jimmy Joe-Bob's PVT farm airstrip" that no one's heard of, but you're looking at selling it at less than $10-15 and can expect to sell lower numbers. Really comes down to: time - sales potential - passion. I'm working on a couple small strips near my home airport that have almost zero sales potential, but I'm doing it because I know they're cool locations IRL and I want to see a HQ version in the game. But I have to weigh that with how much time I put into them, since I'd have to put them out as freeware or in the $5-10 range. If this was my day job, I wouldn't pick those strips to do - since they wouldn't pay the bills.
  10. Not that weird... MSFS increased the overall flight sim market by 3-4x. There's a wide variety of interest within that - GA, Bush, Helicopters, BizJets, RJs, Airliners, etc... If you build a small airport project that only supports GA + Bush flying - then you're limiting your market. Say if you're looking to build a project airport in Hawaii - if you build a small airport like Kapalua or Hana - only people that like flying GA or turboprops will buy it. If you build Kahului or Honolulu - everyone interested in flying in Hawaii will buy it, since it supports all types of flying, including regional and mainland airline flights. You basically double or triple your sales potential. The FSX/P3D model worked since there was always photoscenery and later TrueEarth available for the Orbx PNW and California clusters of airports, and there were a lot of airports within a short flying distance of each other - like the Seattle area small strips... 10 or 15 airports within a 30-45 flight of each other. A lot of people would buy all that coverage and they'd be able to do a lot of short hops to detailed airports, and had enough choices that it wouldn't get boring. MSFS does the entire world at TE quality ( +/- ), so it's now harder to pin down one region to develop.
  11. Milviz - State of the Sim Jan 22, 2022 https://youtu.be/Mtc8c0hxZBw?t=271 TL:DR Basically, their de Havilland roadmap ( with no dates ) is: Beaver Turbo Beaver Otter Turbo Otter Recruiting IRL Beaver Pilots for testing... https://www.facebook.com/Milviz/posts/4993609040683431
  12. The MilViz DHC-2 is going into Beta now ( or pretty soon ). Shouldn't have to wait too long.
  13. Same - I held off on Auckland City, until Auckland airport was up on Marketplace. Having a city scenery paired with a high quality nearby airport makes a big difference on the decision to buy. Even better if there are multiple airports within a relatively short flying range.
  14. Looking forward to a bunch of these - esp KPBI... location of my first and only bird strike IRL On the city scenery front - Honolulu was on the road map for last year - is that also shelved for the time being? Unlike some of the other cities - Hawaii is getting pretty good airport coverage... and a decent developer has PHNL on their roadmap for... sometime Cheers - this product lineup is really solid... ( Also missing some of Jarrad's airports coming into MSFS - some of my FSX/P3D favorites! )
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