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  1. John, I'm not going to debate this with you mate, but did see it cheaper as final price, now its a pound dearer within a day and just under a Fiver in UK currency, I'm not stupid, the UK price was adjusted within 24 hrs inc all VAT and I wish I'd taken a screen shot now, but that's neither here nor there, I always look at the GBP price, the price we pay when I see products on Orbx store and it definitely changed by about a GBP pound since release, but that's not the issue, a pound is a pound so lets move on from that please. We've seen these slight price adjustments happen on the fly before from Orbx and admitted here, perhaps by accident, original GBP price adjusted was in my usual email shot I get from you guys, and how I learned about this add-on, but a near 25% price rise in 2 days !!! Cmon. We have a enough to deal with in UK 50% energy price hikes without these sharp random Orbx price rises too Main point is, and really tried with this add-on. This is an Orbx official release and its not very good IMHO. I've always liked FSX missions, and thought at last Orbx were lending their good reputation and name to something similar with this in FS2020 at last, all that seems to have been done is add on a few very cheap race courses with no clear idea where to start, just a few cheap polygons, and it is not really intuitive how to find how to do this at all once bought and installed, went over the various FS2020 menu's and eventually found a scenario, it was just pitiful addition and no where near worth what is advertised. The current Orbx advert is very very misleading and I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. If you can provide me with the instructions you talk about, please do, because on Orbx web site its all very, very misleading indeed and extremely vague. I just do not trust Orbx very much any more these days I'm afraid and find I have to take them to task more often. no offence hope you understand Worst Orbx release ever.
  2. And I fear that's as near an official reply we will get from Orbx, its just not going to happen What Orbx promises have to do with what UK2000 decide should have nothing to do with it John Dow, also seen other customer members get warnings for mentioning direct competitors here. We all know Orbx management has changed and its now focused for FS2020 for the most part. No manager from Orbx will step up to the plate and say this though, they leave it to customers who are dissatisfied and sit back for Nick and Doug to try sort out, its a terrible shame. Mark my words, we can more or less forget about anything more complex from Orbx for P3D now.
  3. Since nobody from Orbx has come forward yet again but possible/probable admins soon to try stifle this topic soon perhaps, nobody really knows. Its clear they want to bury this. And before you start, Nick and Doug, do like you both Admin or otherwise, but this debacle has gone on far to long, deep down you both know it I'm sure. There is nothing either of you can do or say to rectify or pacify this situation now, please pass this on as an ultra escalated multiple Customer complaint with no bans please, it really is beyond a joke now and has went on with no real answers for far to long. We'll never know unless we get a definitive answer from Orbx soon, this is borderline perpetual now and showing pure destain towards good paying customers of many many years, not necessarily post counts here. Please sort your selves out Orbx its not good seeing this company go down hill from what it used to be. Its been far to long now. Sincerely.
  4. C'mon please Orbx. a bit more transparency would be appreciated and stop all this to and fro angst from admins and your paying customers, both who have no idea either. Just make a statement please. Someone some where in your company must know? Surely
  5. Bought this day after release, noticed its price went up by a pound or so from day one release to second day release, almost never bought it, but for the price of a pint, thought why not, Orbx dont push out junk, do they ? But even at this cheap price, its not very well fleshed out is it Orbx? The whole suggestion of meeting friends to fly with most of us would have expected a Lobby, something like what MS did with the recent Reno Air Race stuff. There is no documentation I can find associated with this add-on apart from the brief description on your website that is of no help whatsoever. Took me ages to find any content whatsoever within FS2020 relating to this add on, eventually tried one region, that had no hint or suggestion what I was supposed to do, but saw an Orbx Balloon in scenery, so suppose that was it? No indication of where I could find the other courses or Easter eggs, perhaps the Easter egg is how to actually find these scenario's in the sim menu itself? I live near Inverness and Loch Ness, where do I start that one in Simulation? Hopefully it will not interfere with normal sim flying in that area. Noticed some discussion here recently about lower slipping standards from Orbx and any complaints are not received well my moderators here, nobody likes to complain, quite honestly most folk want a quality product and enjoy ... recently though its been not so great, to be perfectly honest have noticed this too but stayed out of it. When I and others subscribe to a company like Orbx and see others complain and the overall standards still drop, then of course complaints will rise, wish it were not so, bought so much here, really have. Please Orbx, bring back JV, things were better then, we all knew where we stood, it just seems to me a big churn of Orbx money making tacked on rubbish gushing out the door now at speed of light for FS2020 that in a lot of cases does not really need it or would ever be appreciated if you looked for it. Orbx Fun with Friends add on is just the latest example of pure rubbish that is really making me think twice about Orbx these days. Sorry, it had to be said.
  6. Same as W2DR, have a couple of these WD Blue 5400 4TB drives I use as back ups, a NAS too with WD drives, the WD Black range are 7200 RPM and a bit more expensive and faster, but you wont go wrong with the WD Blues for scenery storage and use in FSX as Nick says. Western Digital have good warranty assurances on their mechanical drives too (amongst the best still) only had to use it once for one of the old WD Velociraptor 10'000 RPM drives but they replaced it very fast. Owned dozens of WD drives over the years, for mechanical drives they are still my first choice for bulk storage, at least until affordable large capacity cheap SSD drives finally take over. As always, just be sure to back up elsewhere if you can, for scenery this is less important, its just time consuming downtime to download again, but important data does need a reliable back up solution if you plan to use the drive for that too.
  7. I'll follow this, have attempted a few round the world flights over the years but failed miserably, one day I will and it will be with real weather too.
  8. Thought I'd share this here for folk in the market for such hardware, well served here with my current Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle quad, but if I were in the market for such gear would give this unit serious consideration, have Thrustmasters high end TPR pendulum pedals that are almost perfect IMHO, and with the popular motorcycle steering damper mod I can now describe as nigh on perfect, my point being, TM are still very much in the high end controller business, just love their military style HOTAS controller gear too. This unit looks good, its dual format compatible for PC and X-Box ... seems everyone is investing in Microsofts FS2020 and that can only be good news for everyone, might even buy this new X-Box console gadget just to see how it runs FS2020 on my big screen living room TV. But check out this review, not sure on price? but it looks a quality bit of gear for PC or X-Box fliers.
  9. Looks great, will be buying this for sure, was there at the weekend and amazingly it was blue sky, cold but sky was blue
  10. Hi DadTom I have this Honeycomb Throttle and Yoke controller too, I don't use Honeycomb profiles myself but you can if you want, what I prefer to do is assign each controller in each sim, FSX/P3D ETC, but whatever you do, make sure in simulation you have sensitivity's at 100% and Null at 0% or at least all the same if you prefer different values, for some reason on mine it defaulted to 100% for some and 50% or so for others. Enjoy, its a great value for money controller.
  11. I'd still give Spadnext a trial. its free for a bit I think, and it all just works.
  12. Thanks Doug Have it all working fine now, super pleased. Cheers.
  13. Hope you can help me here Nick. What it is, have recently done a reformat of PC, no problems there, FS2020 is back up and running on its own 2TB SSD drive, all is good. P3D v 5 has its own 1 TB SSD drive and surprisingly its now full with just one purchased Orbx scenery to go! arrgh Am in process of moving the P3D v 5 TE scenery's over to another drive with ample space, then create a new Library in Orbx central there, then move the scenery's there, this should work? Can have two P3D v 5 scenery library's on two drives and both serving same sim, yes? I hope.
  14. Does un-plugging it and plugging it back in again not help DadTom? What simulation too please? Have this panel too and no such problems mate, if its the original Saitek drivers you are using, you should probably just uninstall them forever, they are well outdated now for modern OS's and will probably never get updated again ... what I use for my Saitek panels is SPADneXt and yes it is spelt that way, you wont need the Saitek drivers any-more with SPADneXt its free for basic version that should cover your panel or you can pay as I do for a much more powerful version. I used to beta test Saitek products and would always recommend to folk these days NOT to use official Saitek or Logitech (who took them over) drivers for the most part and go with SPADneXt ... You could try LINDA software, but not familiar with it myself, SPADneXt works and I can vouch for it. Here is link for you buddy. https://www.spadnext.com/home.html
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