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  1. bump, any update about the offset location of the airport? SD
  2. Hi guys, hope you're all well. Just noticed a few issues with the latest version of YBBN V2. Is it intentional that the airport is offset to the right about 10/15m? This presents some issues with tracking programs such as volanta, and navigraph, thinking that the aircraft is in the grass off the side of the taxiway. The bay markings for 69 and 70 are also the wrong way around. And the QantasLink apron markings are missing their bay numbers for the bays. Thanks, SD
  3. Hi guys, I've noticed recently while flying in AUV2 that on the horizon it looks a completely different colour, like the ground textures are not actually there. Here's a screenshot. SD
  4. Hi nick, unfortunately the whole airport will need to be searched, as it is on almost every single taxiway. I reported it in my post when the product first released, but still haven't heard anything.
  5. Hi Orbx and @Ed Correia, thank you for publishing hotfix 1.1.0, which fixes multiple issues posted here. Unfortunately with the release we still have some bugs that are quite pronounced around the airport. As mentioned on a post here, we are still missing bay numbers on international. This has been around since the beta screenshots. The taxiway lines that did not line up around W/Y/Z seem to be mostly fixed, but now we have a stretched taxiline texture which gives off a very weird effect at night time. Part of the taxiway line on the QF apron is now missing, it should connect where the red line is. Thanks again for implementing the fixes in the latest version. Hopefully we can see some more of the bigger issues fixed up as well. Stirling
  6. I’m talking about some of the things mentioned in this post and others. Especially the dynamic lighting, missing taxi signs, taxiway lines that don’t even connect.
  7. Hopefully a fix for these is released soon. Such a shame some massive things made it through beta. Stirling
  8. Continuing on from part 1, there are still more issues to be raised. 1. The B3/B/W taxisign should be flipped 180, it is currently facing the wrong way. 2. Taxiways C12/C13 are incorrectly indicated as P on the taxisigns. There are also taxisigns indicating C12/C13 as shown here. 3. Qantas hangar 2 still has the 1984 logo. I raised this when the first preview images were released. 4. Nauru Airlines hangar missing logo. 5. The Airbus Helicopters hangars and building have incorrect logos. The hangar on the left has the blue Airbus Helicopters logo, and the one on the right is blank. 6. Qantas Satellite 'fingers' are missing the HSBC logo 7. Common user bays are missing passenger walkways and GSE clearance/storage lines. Having these in place is good to help with placing GSX equipment. That's all for today, hope to see some of these implemented in the service pack. Stirling
  9. Colour of it is off as well. The whole domestic terminal is orange not the white included.
  10. Orbx, congratulations on the release of BNE V2. It is an improvement from V1, but still seems to be lacking in some areas. @QFA1213, @anthony99, @Dylstar21, @jneil29 and I have found a few things that are still missing/needed and some other little details that would be nice to have around the airport. Firstly, there is currently no centreline lighting on any of the taxiways. Taxi signs seem to be a bit of an issue as well, with most of the taxi signs on the new runway missing, along with missing runway distance signs (the old version had these) and signs for the closed highspeed taxiways on 01R still exist. Holding point A1’s signs shouldn’t say CAT II, and the sign on the right is missing altogether. Example from the BNE ADA handbook. Frequency transfer signs between B7/B6 and B4/B3 are missing, the marking on C is included, but none of the signs are. The dynamic lighting colour of the field is off, with the GA, Domestic, Most of International and Logistics having orange lighting, not the fluorescent white included in the scenery. There are no gables placed around either runways. Virgin bays 40B,44B and 45A are missing their VDGS, they should have pole mounted VDGS. All bays on the international terminal are missing the painted bay numbers on the apron, domestic bays 26-32, 1-15 and 100-111 are also missing them. Along with the missing bay numbers, bays 1-15 and 100-111 are missing the Dash 8 pilot (self) stopping lines. (the old version had these). Bay 68 on international has a loader placed outside the equipment clearance, if you park any widebody on the bay it will be inside the wing. 19R/01L piano keys lack contrast, there is a small black border around all the white lines on the concrete backing. Both 01L/01R are missing their antenna and buildings, they are present on 19R. Bay 73 has the hatching underneath the jetways missing. On the domestic apron entries, the holding point line is missing, in the sim C1 is there, and should have a black backing. All other entries are missing. On taxiways B3, W2/W junction and the W/C junction, there are massive gaps between taxi lines. They are meters apart and do not join at all. A lot of taxiway intermediate Holding points around the whole airport are missing, especially at some taxiway junctions. Around the QantasLink area, there is missing plastic barriers around the passenger walkways (also missing) that is a barrier between the perimeter road and the apron. Continuing through the QantasLink area, the bottom of the terminal isn’t hollow like it is in the scenery, it is now Gate 1/2/3 (inside the terminal) and QantasLink have busses parked there for the dash 8 bays/100 bays. There are multiple runway edge lights on the taxiways exiting the runway. On the bay number signs, at night-time they light up green, not the white in the Orbx edition. The international ones are completely missing as well. The HIAL for 19R light up bluish/purple at night, that would be something nice to include for the approach. These are the main ones that have been picked up within the first few days of release. Thanks, Stirling.
  11. If the promised GSX profile was included that would help a bit and hopefully have custom pushes.
  12. On average its about 5/6 days from when the preview post was made. So I would be guessing late this week.
  13. Just shot an email across.
  14. Thanks for the screenshots Ed! It looks stunning. I have noticed a few things out of place/missing, can I PM and let you know? Stirling.
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