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  1. Pressing F for poor Inverness Would love to see you tackle EGPE at some point in the future, but just as with all your previous MSFS releases; EGNX will also be a day 1 purchase for me too.
  2. @pyreegueThe Man, the Myth, the Legend does it again.....
  3. Legend! Next time you're back in Scotland I'll happily take you for a few beers!!!
  4. @pyreegue any plans for more Scottish airports? (Prestwick, Aberdeen, Inverness) Happy new year!
  5. Appreciate all the love Scottish airports are getting from @pyreegue, you absolute legend!!!
  6. At last! Some new content for XP11, been waiting for something new since TrueEarth Canary Islands came out last year!
  7. I'm sure most will skip to this page: No real surprise to see MSFS on top, although Xplane users are always being told P3D v4 (now v5) is the more popular platform of the two, that doesn't seem to be the case based on these results - I see more users on the latest version of XP11 than I see on the latest version of P3D. Does this herald the decline of P3D being that most popular 'ESP' based sim? Will the dominant platforms going forward now be MSFS and XP11?
  8. https://download.navigraph.com/docs/flightsim-community-survey-by-navigraph-2020-final.pdf
  9. I've managed to download my purchases by using my VPN - connecting to a server in Germany seemed to yield best speeds/connection stability. Definitely some 'weirdness' happening on the Orbx CDN servers at the moment.
  10. I'm still getting brutally slow download speeds in the UK (Virgin Fibre 350Mbps line) with lots of connection interrupts. Trying to download 6 MSFS addons I purchased yesterday - but cant!!! Clearly something is still wrong with the CDN servers. My connection is good:
  11. KBSA looks to be full of ported default assets; from a cursory glance at the screenshots I think I can see default ground textures and default jetways. No wonder the file size is suspiciously small for an airport of this size. Tut tut Orbx - reselling us default assets in a custom airport.
  12. @Dadtom65 Funny, they seem to have been able to find the time to release several updates and fixes for the P3D version of Edinburgh......sadly EGPH for XP11 still languishes at v1.00 from October 2019. I love Orbx products, and have been purchasing them regularly for many years - but their recent utter lack of support for Xplane products is shameful. I know XP won't be as big a sales market to Orbx as FSX/P3D - but its the same product at the same price, so the XPlane customer should recveive the same level of aftersales support / patches etc. Major and minor issues with Xplane releases go unfixed for months upon months, whereas faults found in P3D products are fixed promptly - its not acceptable TBH. I could list several other Xplane scenery devlopers, who I historically wouldn't have classed in the same league as Orbx - but they always manage to release fixes and communicate with their XPlane customers in a timely fashion.
  13. Yet another example of shambolic product support of Xplane titles. Months and months to wait for basic fixes. Orbx is slipping.....
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