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Community Answers

  1. Use the Discover tab in Orbx Central. It only shows the airports for the sim you have selected. Rod
  2. Just put in SU10 and I do see traffic like you at that spot at EGCC.
  3. Hey Carlos, Very atmospheric. Love it. Which castle was that near the end?
  4. EGNX is sounding great already! Can't wait!
  5. Well, everything MSFS produces on screen is computer generated imagery of some form since the sim is not playing a film or a video. The CGI term is really meant to separate film and video images from computer generated imagery. If it helps, Jack, other than the audio track and a few text overlays, everything I saw in the trailer looked like real imagery from MSFS based on my 2 years of experience flying using MSFS.
  6. @Rob Abernathy Tricky of you to black out the top of the airplane monument where it says ,"Welcome to Skagit Regional Airport". So I will guess KBVS .
  7. Just loaded and flew into EGAA! Beautiful work! Thanks so much for all of the hours you spent making this best in its class! Bring on EGNX!
  8. As mdowner mentioned above, UK2000 has a modern version of EGFF that is pretty good.
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