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  1. Happy birthday Graeme! Sounds like you are having a fun Birthday week! Enjoy! Rod
  2. Hi Rodger, One of the missing items in the list is most of the countries for each airport probably because MSFS doesn't carry that info by airport. However, a little research will tell you that many of PNG's airport begin with the lettters "AY". With that information and assuming you have Excel, you could go into Excel, choose the Data tab, then choose Sort. In the Column section Choose "ident" in the 'Sort by' drop down option. Then select OK. When you get the Sort warning that some numbers are mixed with text in that sort key, choose "Sort number and numbers stored as text separately and select OK. Excel will sort the "ident" column so that it runs from "0 to zzzz". Then you just need to go to the section where "AYxx" starts and you will find a big list of airports that are probably in PNG. You could do the same for Colombia which has a lot of airports that have "SKxx" as their ident. Rod
  3. After following Rodger's great tip and going to flightsim.to Details of Every Airport & Airfield in MSFS2020 and downloading the folder, I found that an Excel file is also contained in the folder which features a very readable list of just over 40K+ airports. The Excel file is easily searched using Excel's "Find & Select" or sorted using Excel's sorting features. The Excel file contains the ICAO/LID identifiers and has most of the airport and city names along with other interesting information like airport elevation, Mag. Decl., longest runway length (ft) etc. The spreadsheet also contains location coordinates but you may want to reverse the columns since the first column is longitude (MSFS expects latitude first.) For example (using the spreadsheet), a quick jump to the NZQE line in the spreadsheet will tell me that runway length is only 1265 feet so I better choose the Beaver for that arrival. Note: The files are up to date through World Update XIII. Thanks, Rodger! Rod
  4. Sumburgh Head lighthouse is advertised in Orbx Direct to be part of the EGPB Sumburgh airport package:
  5. Thanks all for your very kind comments! Rod
  6. Happy Birthday, Filou! Your screenshots are a wonder to behold and your advice on graphic settings etc. has always been invaluable. Have a great day! Rod
  7. Late to the party but Happy Birthday, Woflko! Rod
  8. I just did a tour of 74S and it is gorgeous! Great job @Andreas Hegiand thank you for the great little details like the hangar/building address numbers! Rod
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