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Community Answers

  1. EGNX is being worked on by one of the Orbx partners. See this thread for more information.
  2. Oops....it turns out I accidentally had the Orbx Melbourne landmarks turned off when I took a quick look at Flemington. Sorry about that. I had just gotten the Landmarks installed or so I thought. The horses racing are pretty cool!
  3. Just did a fly over with Melbourne Landmarks active and Flemington Racecourse must be too far out from city centre since I am only seeing Asobo photogrammetry.
  4. Thanks for all the great pics and the informative update! Looking great!
  5. Great video showing some of the Burning Blue airports now available on Orbx. They look great! Thanks! Stiletto2
  6. Excellent choice! Congratulations, Marcus! Orbx scenery quality and innovation can only improve with you as Creative Director. The future is bright! Rod
  7. The Visby addition looks great! Thanks so much for the Visby bonus! Rod
  8. Marcus, I am just blown away by the beautiful job you have done on ESSB! Not only is the ESSB airport and nearby area fabulous, Stockholm city centre is also stunningly improved with many, many POIs, terrain improvements and so on. Absolutely unbelievable! Thank you for your incredible dedication and artistry! Great job! Rod
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