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  1. While you’re all in Madeira, you might like to try the free Madeira fix at Flightsim.to. It’s very good. Offshore terrain issues with the Amsim version are fixed, as well as removing all those ridiculous shiny rivers and streams that cover the default island. Britjet
  2. Hi Doug, That seems to have fixed it. Many thanks! Brit
  3. I’ve had to completely replace my system drive after a failure. Full install of everything, including MSFS and Orbx Central. Fortunately (I thought!) my Orbx downloads are on a separate drive, however, although Central can find this library, all my scenery remains greyed out and there is no “verify files” option, only a full download of all the scenery again. With a slow and intermittent download speed, I’m tearing my hair out at the prospect of having to download over 250Gb of material again, even though it is there on the drive… Please tell me I’m missing something, or hopefully offer a workaround! Many thanks, Brit
  4. I’ve tried the new Lisbon Scenery on two separate rigs now - both are the same - the flight preview seems OK but then Sim freezes when attempting to “Fly”. Help, please? Using MSFS on one rig and on the other. WIN10, 6700 32GB 3080Ti
  5. Sorry to persist, but I have looked into this a lot more, by comparing building “popping” at similar island airports… eg.. Ponta Delgado - (with detailed Commercial airport addon) - NIL popping using default Blackshark buildings. I even flew there at 550kts, and still the same.. Santorini - Commercial airport addon - NIL popping using default Blackshark buildings Skyros - default island - no Addons - NIL popping using Blackshark buildings BUT… Orbx Samos - Orbx buildings near the airport popping noticeably.. Orbx Skopelos - Huge popping. (Like Wack-A_Mole, to be quite honest..) This is just a small sample I tried just now - If any doubt exists that the Orbx buildings are causing considerable popping then please try it yourself. Fly around a default island landscape and then do the same thing with Skopelos or another similar Orbx product. I normally refrain from any sort of Forum comment along these lines, but much as I admire the work of the developers, something is wrong here with this autogen injection. Put simply, Blackshark doesn’t “Pop”. I think it would be a nice idea to be given the choice of whether outlying default scenery is to be excluded..? Britjet Default Cessna. 80kts. 1500ft. Intel 6700, 32Gb WIN10 3080Ti PC MSFS2020 Objects LOD=100 Terrain LOD=100 Buildings=High Off-screen Terrain pre-caching=ULTRA
  6. EDIT - Full uninstall again, deleted Orbx backup version, Reinstall with full download. Flown at 80kts @2000ft with Terrain LOD 240, Objects LOD 150.. Still more popping than I would personally like - upped Objects LOD to 200 - only occasional popping, and a nice smooth flight experience in VR. Would buildings LOD benefit from being increased (again) by a few km? It seems that ASOBO native buildings don’t suffer as much from popping? But then what do I know..;-( Britjet Intel 6700, 32Gb, Win 10. PC version
  7. Hi John, Yes, I did a full uninstall and re-install. I’m using PC and I have popping literally right beneath me at altitudes of 2000ft. To me this is an odd one - I’ve not had this issue with other Orbx scenery.. Quite happy to remove it all again and retry through. The airports itself is very good. I particularly like the sloped runway. ‘Britjet
  8. Having updated, I’m sorry to say that the popping of buildings is the same. I am using terrain LOD of 240 and Objects 150. Too distracting for me, I’m afraid. Britjet
  9. I’m pleased to include the screenshots below to show your work. Thanks, Britjet (DEFAULT, Orbx, DEFAULT, Orbx)
  10. Hi Matteo, Thanks for your reply. It would seem to be the case that a 4km LOD just doesn’t cut it as discussed by others above. It seems to me that 10-15km would be better, but I guess you know best. With regard to the detail elsewhere, I’ve spent some time looking much more closely at what has been done. There is no doubt that many things are improved on the default, in particular harbour scenes, landmarks and removal of Blackshark AI anomalies. I will post some comparison pictures which show what you have done..thank you :-) However, it seems to me that particularly in outlying areas of the island, things are not so good. Example below, with Google Earth, MSFS default, and your scenery as direct comparison of the same location. In these situations there is a multitude of single-type generic autogen re-placing what was previously varied and more accurate default. Here is what I mean. If these areas could be worked on with more diversity then I think it will be a great product. GOOGLE EARTH, MSFS DEFAULT, Orbx SKIATHOS
  11. As a release item I have to say that in my opinion the Skiathos scenery is not up to the high standard expected of Orbx products. The airport itself is fine - but.. The popping of buildings across the island is frankly ridiculous - there seem to be serious LOD issues here, which hopefully can be fixed, but a far worse shortcoming in my opinion is the almost complete lack of variety of buildings on the island to replace the default ones. The vast majority in this package are simple rectangular blocks with 4 or 6 windows. By comparison the default is much more varied in shape and design. It is very, very noticeable. It now looks like “Toytown”. It is FAR worse than default. By all means keep the airport and the few nearby landmarks, but please leave the island alone. Britjet
  12. No terrain morphing at all, which is a first for me and makes a huge difference! And all for such a small file size. Well done Orbx! Here’s hoping the same thing can be done for all significant terrain worldwide. Britjet
  13. I have noticed with some recent Orbx products, eg Newcastle, that cars in the airport car parks seem to have a very low LOD - in other words they pop in and out of existence even when close to them. This is with my Objects LOD set to 100. Maybe certain parts of the world have a major car theft problem? Would anyone else care to comment on this? - it’s quite off-putting.. Cheers, Britjet
  14. I'm pleased to say that Zinertek have fixed the incompatibilty issue with their latest update. Brit
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