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  1. No terrain morphing at all, which is a first for me and makes a huge difference! And all for such a small file size. Well done Orbx! Here’s hoping the same thing can be done for all significant terrain worldwide. Britjet
  2. I have noticed with some recent Orbx products, eg Newcastle, that cars in the airport car parks seem to have a very low LOD - in other words they pop in and out of existence even when close to them. This is with my Objects LOD set to 100. Maybe certain parts of the world have a major car theft problem? Would anyone else care to comment on this? - it’s quite off-putting.. Cheers, Britjet
  3. I'm pleased to say that Zinertek have fixed the incompatibilty issue with their latest update. Brit
  4. The Zinertek product is pretty universal, and works fine with all my other Orbx city packs. it seems to me that there must be some component of the Brisbane pack that is the overriding issue. As my preference is to keep the Zinertek product, I can hope thus can be fixed with an Orbx update. Thanks for your help in the meantime. Brit
  5. Yes, I read it thanks - do you have any further hints about what is causing this issue, please? Brit.
  6. Yes...I’ve removed both the Xinertek Comunity folders and now Brisbane is OK. Thanks very much for narrowing this down for me! Do you have any suggestions how to get both add-ons to play nice, please? Brit.
  7. I’m running the new Brisbane City scenery pack, and all the ground textures seem odd. The whole city has an overall “concrete” coloring and texture at ground level which is hiding all the roads and streets. Buildings also appear to be part-sunk in some places. Brit
  8. I’ve only just noticed that the lovely Orbx improvements made to Bolzano (LIPB) in V4 seem to have disappeared with OpenLC Europe for V5. In V4 there were specific buildings, a hotel of sorts, lots of people flow - now just a default site with blocky buildings. Am I missing something here? Maybe there’s a fault with my LC - does anyone else see this? Peter
  9. I have found the problem with the runway lights, (which were also absent in a number of other ORBX sceneries). I also had an issue with ESSA Stockholm ground textures, and found a reference in the forum to “ObjectFlow”not working. I uninstalled it in Central and re-installed in my chosen ORBX folder. Both issues fixed! Here endeth a lot of hours trying to sort it out! It may be that this is a fix for a number of strange issues? i certainly have no idea why it wasn’t working in the first place, but the issue started when I changed from Central 3 to the new Central. Hope this helps some folk.. Peter.
  10. Edit.. It has been my opinion that after the recent updates, Central 4 was working correctly, but I nevertheless took the plunge just now and uninstalled it and re-installed Central 3, and re-installed LOWI from a pre-existing ORBX download. NOW - the LOWI runway lights work! Subsequently I re-installed Central 4 - and the lights now DON’T work, even after configuration. I find all this rather disheartening - I like the Central 4 interface and the ease of use - but not if it isn’t installing correctly. Some suggestions on why this might have happened would be appreciated, and I must admit I wonder if my other ORBX scenery is not installed correctly, but life is short..:-( Thanks! Peter.
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