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  1. Some textures seem to be unaffected by the fog/mist/rain and instead show as black objects. Great otherwise though.
  2. Advertising boards along all the roads and inside airports of course.
  3. I'm now at the 65 mark. It won't be long before we are all claiming the senior discount. Thanks Orbx.
  4. Well renault that was a lot easier than expected. Thanks.
  5. Thanks renault I was hoping there was a way to do it via Orbx Central avoiding any file manipulation but I will give this method a try. At least all Orbx directories have 'Orbx' in the filename so are easy to identify. Cheers Mick
  6. I wonder if someone can assist me with a minor problem. To try out a new X-Plane beta I would usually make a copy of my X-Plane folder and update it to a new beta therefore keeping my original folder intact in case anything goes wrong. Since using Orbx Central and creating a library for all my Orbx products on its own SSD I can't figure a way of copying the X-Plane folder and having the new copy include all the Orbx links to the separate Orbx library intact. When I copy the folder the links to the library just copy as empty folders rather than links. Is there an easy way around this? Thanks. Mick
  7. If you do get to have a go with it don't forget the review here.
  8. Hi Condor I'd wait a while for the Honeycomb if I were you. See Austin Meyer's review on YouTube
  9. Well if Austin says it's OK then perhaps I should get one... Austin's Honeycomb Review
  10. That's nice and moody.
  11. Hi Jarrad I took a couple of shots, the first is with the entry where it originally was and the second after I tried it with the other ortho entries near the bottom of the scenery.ini file. They look exactly the same to me so I expect it was me just barking up the wrong tree. I think it was just the naming convention of the 'C' file that confused me. Cheers mate.
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