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  1. Just double checked it is definitely KMYF Runway 05 it is the default airport You can see the step ups happening.
  2. Hello, Just taking off from KMYF in the new Orbx Southern California scenery and noticed a significant step change on the runway as I went along. How can this be fixed?
  3. Thanks for the reply :-) The new Orbx central now does all this for you
  4. Hello, When performing 2 factor auth I am assuming you are showing me a bar code to scan? This is just showing up as an unknown image The code does appear to enter in below Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: XZP11 Screenshot: 2Fact.png Issue: central.log
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: XP11 Screenshot: Issue: Hello, I have installed orbx central and uninstall ftx central 3 and migrated my products. However the backup directory in its entirety is only 40.4mb. I am assuming that orbx central only does the backup with a fresh install? Is there any way I can perform the backup of the files? central.log
  6. Hello, I have purchased true earth South on windows 10 and have installed to a directory on a separate disk to my xp11 installation. Ftx central did put some compressed files into my chosen install directory but it still placed the uncompressed files in my xp11 custom scenery folder. It also put the directories in the order B/A/C in my scenery_packs.ini file I have since moved the uncompressed directories back to my original chosen directory and created symbolic links and corrected the scenery packs order. If there is an update to true earth will ftx central try and move or even recreate new directories again in the xp11 custom scenery folder which I don't want? I understand there is an update coming soon I would have expected ftx to put everything where I asked it to
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