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  1. Need to find an airport for landing for sure ... goood pictures Patrick
  2. Very nice season compar.... best shoot ever
  3. Orbx Central will be centralise all new content sceneries in Orbx with MSFS twini . or need an other solution ? congrat best regards Patrick
  4. Yep Near Spring; end Winter from here Nice pics Jack
  5. Thak John Hi Adam thank you ..!
  6. Hello JAck thank , have good holliday and safe landing
  7. Thank Lain Many thanks Brad
  8. I'm from here ...! living to Palma de Mallorca ... a huge tourristic destination people comming from Russia, China, Norway, England, Germany the most, Sweden, Austria, French..... etc ... I'm Waiting you for a Mojito and Tapas
  9. Very sp├ęcial plane Adam
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