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  1. Just an FYI. I had an issues with FPS and AA after installing LFLL using Orbx Central. I edited the scenerey_packs.ini and moved the "Lyon_Roads" below the main Lyon entry and the frame rate was back to being smooth and the AA issues that I was experiencing disappeared. Anyone experiencing the same issue should change their scenery_packs.ini and see if it makes a difference. Change: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_A_LFLL_Lyon_Roads/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_LFLL_Lyon/ to SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_LFLL_Lyon/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Digital_Design_A_LFLL_Roads/ Hope this helps.
  2. Macbook Pro 2019 / Catalina X-Plane 11.50r3 (build 115033 64-bit, Metal) Has PilotEdge plugin Everything was working fine. Installed Orbx Southern California last night Now when I try to start a flight at a southern California airport (eg, BUR or LAX), I get the message, "Error, could not locate image file for terrain." (See attached screenshot.) After I acknowledge the message, X-Plane quits. For at least one southern California airport (L52), X-Plane simply quits unexpectedly without a message. It appears that airports outside southern California (eg MSN) load properly. There may have been an issue during Orbx installation. I left the installation running when I went to bed last night. It appeared to be downloading and installing files normally. When I checked it this morning, the installer wasn't running. I reran the installer. It appeared to resume where it left off, as indicated by the progress bar. It appeared to finish successfully. Attachments screenshot.png Log.txt scenery_packs.ini from the "Custom Scenery" folder. Please help! I'm so excited to use Orbx! Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  3. Flying in Quantam River Airport. Scenery for X-Plane 11 by PropStrike Studio. Distributed by ORBX. YouTube Video Link
  4. Hi All I just purchased Global TerraFlora on FTX Central. In the Global Range it shows as purchased but not installed. When I click on the tile for Global TerraFlora and the window opens there are no download options showing. Only the message "There are no downloads available for this product." Anyone have any idea what is wrong? Thanks!
  5. KCGX — A simple test flight on my BK-117+RAD+WP into X-Plane 11 a. b. c. d. e. Cheers,
  6. I own TrueEarth Washington HD, which seems to also give me access to the SD version. How do I switch between the two? I'd like to try the SD version in VR and see if I get any performance differences. I've tried uninstalling the HD version, but then the SD version tells me I have no downloads available. Any ideas?
  7. A nomenklatura day trip, just popped down here to pick up some goodies hey! who dat? he's right, you don't see many of them here This is the beast that has finally convinced me to try and take at least some of this actual flying stuff seriously. I shall now go away and practise until I can actually land one of these things in the same county I was aiming for.
  8. Some time ago JV said that Turbulent Designs two X-Plane airports, KMBS and KIDA, would be available on Orbx. Any information about the status of the transfer? Is there any plan to create an X-Plane version of KGPI (Glacier Park International Airport) or L35 (Big Bear Airport), both Turbulent Design Airports.
  9. Good day Gentlemen! I've seen that at Pearson Field (KVUO) and Skagit (KBVS) for X-Plane 11 there are obivous no "taxi lanes" defined. With World Traffic 3 there are landing planes but they will disappear shortly after touchdown. And there are "cross country" taxiing planes not using the taxiways. Not a big thing but maybe the dev's can have a look here? Many thanks in advance - kind regards! Bert
  10. I've downloaded TrueEarth Great Britain Central via Orbx Central and it has been stuck for the last hour on 'Extracted: 22443/22488 Converted: 7143/7186' I've tried to pause the download and restart Orbx Central but still it doesn't do anything and remains on the above. Any advice appreciated
  11. Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Innsbruck for X-Plane 11! G'day everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful response to last week's formal announcement of Innsbruck Airport for X-Plane 11. Work is progressing at a feverish pace behind the scenes to put the final spit and polish on this project. We know that many of you are waiting patiently for the release; rest assured we want to get everything just right in preparation of your upcoming Alpine adventures In the mean time, I thought I would share a few more details of the project. As mentioned in our first previews last week, Innsbruck for X-Plane 11 includes an enormous 8200km2 coverage area, extending well beyond the original FSX/P3D coverage area. Explore large sections of the Austrian Alps, the state of Tirol as well as portions of southern Bavaria, extended north to the outskirts of Munich. Covered in our signature Orbx blend of hand-colourised photoreal, high-definition mesh, custom autogen and hand-placed vegetation, this project is far more than what you'd normally expect from an airport product. Please enjoy these shots, and be sure to keep an eye on our forums and social media for more updates and info over the coming days! Cheers, Jarrad COVERAGE MAP Ultra-detailed modelling extends all the way to the terminal doors The CityScene component contains over 160 hand-crafted custom models, perfectly blended alongside ortho, autogen and vegetation Unique apron clutter created specifically for Innsbruck Hand-colourised photoreal imagery combined with immaculate building and vegetation placement The general aviation apron includes heritage-listed hangars Grass and vegetation types created specifically for Innsbruck, colour-matched to ground imagery Ultra-detailed modelling also extends to prominent non-airside components around the terminal The coverage area extends far beyond the original FSX/P3D zone, into southern Bavaria as far north as the outskirts of Munich Over 160 custom POI populate the scenery All airside vehicles have been custom modeled specifically for Innsbruck Ultra-detailed elevation mesh derived from 10m source - the best available for this area in X-Plane 11
  12. I've always wondered which buildings &c. are 'real' and which are not. I've had strange things happen when getting to know this sim and how it works--like being able to taxi *through* certain buildings, flying through the London Eye, and yet once clipping what seemed to be something real in Canary Wharf and being able to land on raised autobahns. It would make bridge stunts that much more interesting if bridges are real--and also sets up the possibility of landing on them. And raises other interesting questions too--can you land on Blackpool Pier, for example? Anyway, I had a little shock yesterday. Runway 27 at EGLC, planning to see the sights so I kept low... (I've always been inordinately pleased to see the cable cars actually moving in this—great work guys!) Didn't think this would be a problem: when there was an almighty THUMP and Nikki banked to the right. As you can see: There was no airframe damage, and she kept flying sweet as you like. But made me wonder if there's a canonical list of Things Not to Fly Into (not that I'd like to make a habit of it anyway). Richard (aka Curious of Gravesend)
  13. Hi today I bought TE GB Central. The installation was fine. The problem is with the road color between TE GB South and Central. Please look at the picture. It's on the 53rd degree of the Northern Match. Thank you. Cheers Karoly
  14. just purchased my first ORBX product for Mac - GB True Earth central. According to the readme file I should have 3 folders when the download completed viz: Orbx_A_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Custom Orbx_B_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Overlay Orbx_C_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Orthos But my download is missing the Orbx_A_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Custom folder. I've followed the install instructions running the mac_1_conversion script - which took several hours - and then the mac_2 cleanup script - which took minutes. All appeared to be successful in that XPlane loaded with no error messages. But all I have is vanilla XPlane - no photo-realistic ground and no custom objects. What has gone wrong? John Fleet
  15. Highly recommended freeware aircraft which was released a few days ago:
  16. Another test video and hopefully learning all the time about the editing. This is a short flight from EGGP Liverpool to EGCB (Orbx) Barton Manchester City Airport then to EGCC Manchester via Jodrell Bank and EGCD Woodford. Also testing Live Traffic so see if you can spot any other aircraft.
  17. So I decided to mess around with formation flying using a new LUA plugin as posted here. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50534-formation-flying-flywithlua-script-update-see-notes/&tab=comments#comment-266502 It jerks too much for video recording but is pretty nice for screenshots especially with an Orbx background.
  18. Max Upload size is 1,25Mb instead appr 5Mb. Log out and Login again didn't help Reboot my PC didn.t help either. Any suggestions are welcome. Regards Peter
  19. Hi folks, hope you can help, Just purchased ORBX True Earth GB South and after ( many ) hours of downloading, installing and converting, X-plane hangs on the runway on a new flight and promptly crashes with no info. There's a strange warbling sound, nothing much else, and that's it. Gone. X-11 is up to date, all computer drivers also up to date, ORBX all up to date too. Settings at medium to avoid any CPU / GPU issues. I'm a developer for P3D / FSX looking to convert my products to X-11, so not a newbie to sims but relatively inexperienced in using X-Plane. Install has been verified and all files present. Totally lost on this one, anybody got any ideas?
  20. So I've been staying in Norfolk the last few days and decided to see what it looked like from the air - thought i'd try FSE modifications too. First shot was as after I had just flown over Norwich: Next up was Great Yarmouth: Then Lowestoft:
  21. Damn you.... You had to release Sumburgh and I had to buy it. At this rate I'm going to need a big drive. My bank balance hates you. But seriously thank you another great scenery addition
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