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  1. It doesn't work that way. It is quite normal that when developers sell in their own store, it will be a bit cheaper than in all the other places, since those will normally ask for a chunk of the sale price. Hence the higher total price in places like the Orbx store. If you wanted best price, you should have bought directly from BB, but you won't have the convenience of the Orbx scenery manager.
  2. Yes one can specify airline codes, at least plenty other devs have done it. I'm surprised to read you say it's not possible? Can you elaborate on why this wouldn't work at KSMF?
  3. Thank you Sascha for looking into these. Yes these warehouses are obviously outside of the airport perimeter, but to me a great airport scenery cannot only look after the airport itself, but also the approach path, to complete the experience of flying into the place. So thank you for considering this! The building is so big and you pass it low and slow on approach, so having it in 3D will make a nice difference. As for the neighbouring building, maybe it will be good enough to simply copy the larger one and shrinking it. Looking at current imagery one can see that these warehouses all seem to have the same architecture.
  4. Hi @Sascha Normann Got a small error report for your YMML: The glide slop antennas used are incorrect, those are actually no antennas. Yes there's the vertical support structure, but there are no beam emitters on it. Can't quite work to emit a glide slope beam that way And while you're at it I have some small improvement suggestions I hope you can consider; YMML is embedded very nicely into its surroundings with 3D objects all around, making it look authentic and life-like. Except for two areas in direct view on final approach: - On Final for RWY09 one is greeted by this all flat construction area to the left. Might it be possible to place a few stock objects there, a truck, a container, ANYthing really that makes this a bit more realistic to look at. Doesn't even need every object in 3D, just a select few will do nicely I think. - And secondly on final for RWY34 there is this gigantic warehouse type building visible on the aerial imagery but it's all flat. It's so big you can't not see it, so I wonder if it would be possible to place a low poly generic warehouse at its position? I know it's a construction site but the structure is there and just doesn't fit the lovely 3D work next to it. If it wouldn't be that big and not directly on short final it wouldn't be an issue, but like this its just something that is too obvious to ignore I think. As I said, needs nothing fancy, just generic and low poly will do fine, as long as the result is not flat. I hope you can consider these to perfectly round off your superb work. All the best, Markus
  5. What's worse, the green threshold lights have been misplaced and are now located on the physical threshold instead of the displaced one. This was correct in V1 as far as I can remember.
  6. Question: The area immediately east of the runway, right across the strip of water beneath the approach lights; In the original scenery we could see a rather large parking area / chunk yard filled with cars, containers, boats and rubbish, and it was all flat. So landing on RWY27 always felt a bit immersion destroying due to one flying low over this vast area of flat objects being in plain sight. Have you perhaps been able to clean it up a bit or add a 3D model here and there? Not expecting super detailed things of course, but just a bit of 3D (stock objects) here and there would make the approach look so much more realistic.
  7. I see that as well when I approach Bern. Perhaps Orbx needs to report this to Asobo. Us users doing the same won't change a thing I'm afraid.
  8. @Max Addante Thank you very much for the hot fix, highly appreciated! After having another look at your scenery, I'd kindly ask you to put some additional rather critical issues on your list for the update: Taxiway Lighting Please remove ALL green taxiway centreline lighting. There's no such lighting anywhere on the real airport. Remove the blue taxiway edge lighting on intersection A. No blue lights there in reality. C and F only. Runway Guard Lights Please add runway guard lights. All intersections feature runway guard lights at the holding point. placed left and right of the stopbar markings. Red/white Runway numbers at holding points Further to my comments above regarding the white on red runway number markings. Please not only replace the default double runway markings with single ones, but also add the missing runway numbers painted at the holding points E and A. Yellow holding point markings When adding missing ground markings, perhaps you could also beef up the holding point markings in general. The real ones feature dashed yellow lines running along the centreline on each side indicating to pilots that they are approaching a holding point. And here's another somewhat cosmetic request: Yellow taxiway marking colour Your wingspan restriction ground markings have a different shade of yellow compared to the other yellow taxiway markings. In reality these markings are all of the same yellow colour. It would look quite a bit more realistic if these colours would match. Thank you again for listening. All the best, Markus
  9. Hey Max, delighted to read that, it's good to know that you're listening to feedback and are producing an update. While working through the issues, could you please take a look at your building textures. I noticed that in low-vis conditions some of your textures do not react well and cancel out any fog effect showing pure black through the fog. At first I thought it was the usual MSFS glass in fog issue, but then I noticed that the problem also shows on some wall textures, while various glass textures are unaffected. So just put some fog in your sim and vary the distance to your objects and you'll immediately see the affected textures. Let me know if you require any screenshots though. Thank you again, looking forward to the update.
  10. @Max Addante Congratulations on your first Orbx release, a lovely rendition of Bern it is indeed! I see good modelling and texturing throughout with a seamless integration into its surroundings. Some of the hangars you modelled look absolutely stunning! I did notice some issues I hope you can correct soonest: The fictional ATR static aircraft needs to go. It just doesn't fit at all since Swiss never operated any ATR in their livery. Please remove it or make it optional through Orbx' customisation functionality. If you want to have a static airliner that is more suitable than a Swiss ATR, you might consider doing a Helvetic EMB-190 instead? But with all the traffic add-ons available nowadays it might be easiest to simply skip any static airliner. The ground markings are lacking in various places. Please consider adding the important markings for green area parking and its parking stands, as well as the blue area parking lines. Those are all clearly visible on aerial imagery from Swisstopo for reference. Furthermore, the holding point markings do not resemble the real ones. As I'm sure you've seen there are only single red/white markings indicating the runway ahead, yours are doubled. Also your heli spot markings are the wrong colours mostly. And also several lines on the main apron are the wrong colours, like the lines indicating the edge between taxiways and parking should be red-white instead of white only. The windsock next to the glider hangar is missing. You can see its position on the Swisstopo aerial imagery. Could you enhance the aircraft spawn positions somewhat? It would be useful to have a parking position in front of the glider hangar for starting in a tow aircraft. Also please add all parking spots on the main apron, there's plenty of them missing. Blue parking might benefit of more than one as well. The glider runway seems to have half of its white markings missing towards the north. Right, these were the ones that I see being a must to fix. Next some cosmetic ones that I think would not be too much work to also adjust: The green threshold lights of runway 32 do not match the position and size visible on the aerial image. Over at runway 14 it is all correct. So maybe you could duplicate this for RWY32? The public road going around the airport to the south features yellow lines marking the edge of the road. These should be white instead. Swiss roads usually do not feature yellow edge markings. Are you absolutely sure about the colour of the grass runway holding point and edge markings you placed? This would be a question for your sources I guess. I haven't been to the airport recently and I know there have been changes to the grass runway. But in the past those markings have not been yellow but white instead. Also a question for your sources; Should the grass runway taxi signs be lit? The grass runway is not in use during hours of darkness, so lighting those signs doesn't make sense. But who knows, just a question. Thank you again for doing Bern and for looking into these issues. Markus No option to disable any static aircraft unfortunately.
  11. Hello Ed, thanks for looking into this, however your assumption is incorrect. The remark for TDZ lighting on the charts refers to where the lights are located AT, not how long they are running for from the threshold. Simple TDZ lighting does not run along the runway, these are simply a pair of lights on each side of the runway centreline. Chapter 5.3.14 in ICAO Doc Annex 14 describes simple TDZ lighting in detail, but here's the relevant illustration that summarises things perfectly: So as you can see, just 4 lights for each runway landing direction. 4 lights for RWY14 and 4 lights for RWY32, located at the distance published in the charts. If the SDK does not allow for these lights, and you're unable or unwilling to do custom lighting, then I suggest to simply DISABLE the Asobo TDZ lighting, as having no TDZ lighting turned on is a much more realistic scenario compared to having a huge carpet of lights that simply does not exist on the real runway. Let me know if you need further info, I'd be happy to help. Also if you require lighting information out of the Swiss AIP publication I can send them over. Cheers, Markus
  12. Looking good so far, I'm very interested in getting this. However, I do hope that the developer will have another good look at the runway lights. The real runway is equipped with simple TDZ lighting only, which is completely different in layout and dimension compared to CAT2/3 TDZ lighting.
  13. I don't like it I'm afraid, wanted to as it has many good qualities. However, certain things are just painfully inaccurate (runway markings or lighting to name a few) and never got fixed in the years since release. You will also have the pleasure of overflying a flat VOR station on short final, the promised 3D rendition of it never arrived. It is also not really optimised for optimal performance. They said they would revisit EGCC last year, but that never happened. So for the time being I cannot recommend it and welcome any UK airfield Pyreegue can do. EGKK would be my first choice, but I will also settle for Stansted or Luton. I don't consider Gaya to be a worthwhile developer. While they do have plenty of talent, they always rush their releases and then never ever fix any issues. So what's the point in having their work, if bugs are never addressed. We should try and clone Pyreegue instead
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