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  1. It only happens whilst on the ground at Newcastle Airport
  2. @Doug SawatzkyI have attached the requested files. add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  3. Hi Doug, I have attached the screenshot of what I'm seeing but I'm not sure what to do next as in what order.
  4. Hi There, I'm having an issue on P3D v5 on the Newcastle Airport EGNT addon. There is green grass on the runway. I have attached a screenshot.
  5. I have tried installing True Earth onto P3Dv5 and the scenery seems bad and I don't think its actually on eventhough its installed? Thanks Jack
  6. So if I install the new orbx central will I have to reinstall all the addons I installed using ftx?
  7. All the settings are already maxed out.
  8. But the graphics looks really poor. Would a reinstall do anything?
  9. This is it set to max. My GTX 1080 looked better than this..
  10. Thats what London City airport looks like..
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