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  1. OK John - here you go. Fortunately I think the engines were off.
  2. A few of the Orbx team took the static Simjet 737 simulator in Archerfield , Brisbane for a fly recently. It was an amazing experience - the full 190 degrees of projection completely fools the mind into perceiving the effects of motion - there were some bouts of motion sickness. They use FTX scenery and had a Beta of YBBN at the time and of course three uber computers for the uber projectors and more for avionics etc. The huge projection screen gives all the peripheral and vertical range of vision to cover your movements in the cockpit and clouds feel big and airports feel lifesize and when the complete horizon line rolls and pitchs - pure majic. Some basic iphone quality video below. Without any preparation , charts , checklists etc we jumped in the cockpit , slowly floundered through the array of controls ( a little more confronting than a PC screen) and off we went: Captain Ross Casey rotating out at YBBN And he lands it manually as well - with some ordinary assistance for moir as the co-pilot. I'll fly with this man anytime. A slew past YBBN terminal - if really felt like it was there in full life size A slew tour of the YBBN Beta carpark - well because we could There was one more video with Prof (John) who had to leave us and then suddenly popped up outside standing on the Tarmac of YBBN at co-pilot level (about the physical height of an Avatar dude) l waving us down - well I was so immersed I just about shat myself - but thought I should protect the innocent unless of course there is public demand ... Rob
  3. Good one Matt. You really don't miss much with that camera of yours - the best terrain textures in the business and now quick draw Mcgraw aerials
  4. Seeing the 6 or so in formation flying over Brisbane today fresh from California was a good omen I thought. There here
  5. well maybe your dads are looking down proudly with a smirk - thinkin - wait till these young fellas see what the scenery looks like at a squillion frames per second , infinite screen res and full sensory perception...
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