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  1. What does it matter ?
  2. Didnt work also disabled win10 defender. Any other ideas?
  3. Thanks and NRM must be northern rockies. Ok all good
  4. Hi I had to disable FTX NA CRM 05 TO 80 Because sim wouldn't start Same with NRM O5 TO 08 Now I'm trying to reinstall but don't know what the corresponding scenery in central covers it
  5. Hi The Sode permission to load pops up every time I start the sim. That can't be right? Win 10
  6. Thanks but fsx is on a separate SSD The disc with Orbx is a hybrid sshd Sounds like I will need a reinstall?
  7. I still have the old hard drive loaded with Orbx. Anyway to just plug that in or do I need to start from scratch ? It's FSX SE
  8. Thanks Nic, I appreciate the feed back. It's pretty cheap so I will read that review and pull the trigger
  9. Hi Would the specs on this hard drive be OK for Orbx scenery storage.? I have FSX SE on SSD
  10. Tl Thanks I got central and can see all my products. Isn't there a button I just press and the scenery auto downloads?
  11. After 2 years away I'm back and ready to download my products but I can't see in central how to do that.
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