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  1. Come on folks, be patient. The last update is only 6 months old. Dave
  2. My comment has nothing to do with the lead developer. I hope he is well. The problem lies with Orbx. Orbx announced development of this nearly 2 years ago and said that phase 1 was in testing back in early 2021. A year and a half later and no news at all. I'm guessing that Orbx is unwilling to put any more development resources towards openLC for FSX/P3D, which they could do if it was a priority, but it's not. IMO 2 years is an unreasonable amount of time to complete this project. The fact that Orbx is unwilling to provide any details at all about its status is not only a bit bizarre, but also telling. I question whether it will even come to fruition. Dave
  3. I've given up on this. It's going on almost 2 years now and nothing, not even "phase 1" of supposedly 3 phases. Sad. Dave
  4. Yes, just a brief update on the status of openLC Asia would be nice. It has been 4 months since anyone asked, so it's not like we're being impatient and asking for an update every week. Thanks. Dave
  5. Wow. Not even a one line response from Orbx regarding the well-being of one of their developers. How inconsiderate. I hope that Eugene is OK. Dave
  6. Yeah, I don't understand that either. It is a landclass scenery, not a vector scenery. Maybe it's about the roads embedded in the textures themselves? It's been over 2 months since my original post and we still know absolutely nothing. I just don't get it. It takes literally a few minutes to update everyone on the status, but I guess even that is too much to ask. Dave
  7. I'm leaning more and more towards either a single Asia openLC package, or phases 1 & 2 combined into a single openLC North/Central Asia package, leaving phase 3 Southeast Asia as a separate product. I simply can't believe that phase 1 alone would take nearly 1.5 years to complete. I'm actually hoping for a single openLC Asia product at this point, even if it's not ready until the second half of this year. At least I won't have to wait any more for future openLC scenery once it's released. Dave
  8. Me, too. It would be nice to get an update, even a brief one. Dave
  9. This post has over 12,000 views. Compare that to all the other posts since April 20. Not even close. This fact should make it crystal clear just how much interest there is in openLC Asia. Dave
  10. I don't think the Orbx folks would do that. It would make no sense for them to do such a disrespectful thing as to cancel the project but not notify their customers who've been waiting for it for over a year. Dave
  11. I wonder if Orbx has decided to make a single Asia openLC product instead of splitting it up. This would explain why it's taking so long. Dave
  12. Well, it's been a year since this project was announced by Orbx, and phase 1 of 3 has still not been completed. I understand that things don't always go as planned, but frankly this situation with openLC is becoming a bit much. I just have a simple question, and please just give a "yes" or "no" answer: Will openLC phase 1 be released before Christmas 2021? Thank you. Dave
  13. Yeah, I think the old heliograph antenna was decommissioned, but I thought the structure might still be there. I'm making P3D scenery for a lot of telescopes around the world(nothing fancy, just some objects, buildings, and roads) and didn't want to waste my time making Narrabri if it's already in Orbx Australia scenery. Anyhow, it's great to see that V2 includes the new antenna array. I plan to purchase it soon. Thanks a lot! Dave
  14. Hi. Does anyone know if Australia V2 includes scenery for the Australia Telescope Compact Array or the Radio Heliograph near Narrabri, NSW? Thanks. Dave
  15. I don't even bother asking any more. It's clear that Orbx is mainly focused on developing products for MSFS, so openLC for P3D is on the back burner. The one way, way in the back. I'm still perplexed that the developer won't even bother to provide a progress update. At this point, I've resigned myself to not having any more openLC scenery. Besides, once MSFS becomes a stable, mature platform, I'll be switching to it as well, so won't need openLC anyway. Dave
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