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  1. A great set of shots! glad you're enjoying EGGD!
  2. Hi @razalom Sorry to hear you are having issues. We have just received & assigned your support ticket, one of the team will continue to assist you on the support platform. PP
  3. Hi Both, The LOD setting seems very hit and miss and inconsistent. In office, both our machines have identical hardware - yet one can load consistently with 3.0, and the other needs to be reduced to 2.0. Our guess currently is that this LOD factor has some impact on the 1m resolution mesh that is abundant at the airport, and perhaps why this option affects EGGD, but other airports without DEM are not as affected badly. We are investigating potential ways in which me may be able to squeeze more out of EGGD without harming the product quality and taking in user feedback.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your kind comments and for your request. As we are a small development team (primarily 2 full time developers) we have to allocate our resource efficiently and based on where the majority of our audience is. At the moment we have not began work on EGTK for X-Plane, but it is a possibility for the future.
  5. Hi Pete, Thank you for sharing your experience and kind thoughts! A great set of first shots and we are looking forward to seeing more if they should arise!
  6. Thankyou for your suggestions, We are yet no officially announce any of our future airport projects! - the latest will always be found on our roadmap: https://pilotplus.io/roadmap/
  7. Firstly thanks everyone for their comments and the level of interaction! This was indeed just intended as a humorous video to demonstrate initial research into this area. Animations are always a challenge, and is an area we are wanting to develop in and see exactly what can be done to increase overall immersion for an airport/enviroment. This future will of course not involve a rave inside the terminal and was simply a demonstration - Apologies if this was not made clear in the original post and we will try to make this more evident next time if this is the case! There is always going to be preference when it comes to interior modelling and other aspects of airport creation, from our point of view we are aiming to create a replica that is uncanny to the real life counterpart and thus determine detail level as we go.
  8. Yes! - We have handed over the files to the marketplace team so hopefully won't be too long to get it onto the marketplace for both PC and Xbox users
  9. Thanks for the ongoing support! A great set of screenshots
  10. We are super excited to get Bristol out to all of you and hope you enjoy the airport as much as we have enjoyed working on it! Make sure to tag us in any screenshots or video of you at EGGD - we love seeing what users get up to!
  11. Hi all, Bristol Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is undergoing final testing before release! If you haven't seen it yet, here is a link to the announcement: https://www.facebook.com/pilotplus.io/posts/3000877120153303 While in testing, the team has taken time to explore the feasibility of complex scenery animations in the simulator. Here is a fun video demonstrating our initial research so far! We look to introduce complex passenger and vehicle animations in future products when possible. Of course dancing passengers are not in the final product, this is purely a fun video to show what we have been researching!
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