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  1. Yes I saw your post on that titled “generally the worst aircraft I own” or similar. I also noticed you have made a new comment “this has been over a week!” you may find your not getting support due to it being posted I “General Discussion NO SUPPORT” forum section. Just a thought
  2. You have posted this in a thread that states “not support”. Perhaps that’s why it’s not been noticed ?
  3. New york would be an amazing one to have and around Boston. Allot of traffic on online networks use those 2 areas quite allot expecially with long haul operators.
  4. What i tend to find with allot of communities is when someone purchases an airport or aircraft etc etc and there is something they dont like they will jump on a forum or discord rant about it but not actually provide the developer with feedback on what it is that makes them dislike something, People seem to have the mind of "i wont report it someone else will" which has to stop. If you make a purchase and something is not right or its bugged etc REPORT it to the developers directly. Dont wait for someone else to do it. If developers are not getting feedback be it good or bad then how do you expect them to fix things if they are not getting reported. This happens ALLOT over on the msfs forums people make forum threads complaining about X Y Z but when you suggest they do a bug report via the zendesk "they cant be bothered or whats the point". Developers dont mind negative feedback if anything they like it it helps them with future products. Constructive critism is always welcomed by all developers not just in flight sim but other genres as well. If no one says anything then how are they to know somethings wrong
  5. Bare in mind they are based in Austraila so time difference etc etc depending on your location. I find support from Orbx to be pretty good. HOWEVER like all other companies they do need to protect themselves regarding digital purchases. They have a really good discord server as well you may get a faster reposonse on there from support if that helps.
  6. I find your comment a bit harsh. Airports are changing daily all over the world. Do you expect developers to constantly monitor progress and keep there airports up to date to reflect real world operations. If you do then that takes up development time for new airports and i imagine you would be among the first to complain about the lack of new products coming. Developers are dammed if they do dammed if they dont.
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