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  1. Didn't we all. Actually no. I started with Australian airports. I think Aero Pelican was my first.
  2. Thanks for answering Nick. I wouldn't bother, not if they're aware and are beavering away at fixing it. (couldn't find a 'tongue-in-cheek')
  3. Seems I'm behind the times. There is no such forum any more. Hey ho.
  4. Back a lot sooner that I expected! Sadly, Pete, your 'fix' didn't work. Not to worry though, someone from the Orbx Central developers team will be along with the definitive answer eh? On reflection, shouldn't this thread be in the Orbx Central forum? Maybe Nick could use his magical powers to shoot it across? Pretty please Nick?
  5. Interesting. I've done that for USbs for reasons I've long forgotten, but not heard of this one. I've done as you suggested and we'll see. Seeing that it doesn't happen that often it'll be some while until we know the result. What you say has a certain logic because on the odd occasion I've had to reboot my router. Mmm. I'll be beck
  6. Oh! Not just me then? In the scheme of things it's not a big deal, but bloody hell it DOES irritate me, albeit for about 7 seconds. But it is 7 seconds I could use to, to, oh I don't know, do something relaxing.
  7. I often wondered which university graduate thought up that name. Want to talk to your Team? Try TeamSpeak. It does what it says on the tin.
  8. There's never a bad time for humour.
  9. What ever happened to Biggin Hill? At one point it was 'soon'. Now, tumbleweed.
  10. You command of the German language is commendable. And happy birthday.
  11. You've got some guts admitting to that! Vespa GS me, a proper scooter. Mind you, a Moto Rumi Bol D'or made me drool.
  12. Oh, I forgot. When? Don't answer, I know. When it's ready right?
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