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Some more from NZNI

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Well composed and caputred shots Aaron. What locations are featured here?

Hi Dean, and thank you. My flight was originated from Kaitaia airport, then went a bit North, then swung around the various bays - Rangauna, Doubtless, Whangaroa, Takou, then through the Bay of Islands which was very cool. I then continued South and ultimately landed at Whangarei Airport. A great place to land indeed as it was another finely improved site. There is clearly a ton to see here, and around every corner is a new favorite location.

Looking fantatsic fellas!!

Now we just need someone to do a ZK rego for that Lancair Legacy......

No arguments there sir, one can only hope.

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Aaron sensational shots that really wet the appetite but As an aside could you say where you got the paint for the legacy I have this aircraft and would love to obtain a more localised tail number for the oceana region. Many thanks if you can assist.

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And Auckland Airport??

Default - modified-full Obrx secondary release?


I think NZAA is to big for orbx to develop in full detail unfortunately. This new approach was implemented beginning of the year? They will only develop smaller airports in full detail. Which is a shame because I would buy NZAA in a flash. No doubt. But in saying that, they have upgraded NZAA to some extent. It just wont be as detailed as the airports they have developed.

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