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  1. Hey Seby H, I believe I may have experienced a small drop in FPS when flying close to the forest fires but have adjusted my settings in FSX to compensate for these FPS changes. I would recommend reducing your autogen in FSX or LOD radius some in your FSX.cfg file or tweak other plug in settings to get your sim running smooth. A little sacrifice in graphics or settings in some areas can go a long way. Good luck! Thanks Ryan
  2. Thanks a lot guys, found a lil extra time to enjoy the sim lately.
  3. Thanks guys, glad you liked these. Thanks guys and Homer is a great scenery once you add it to your library down the line. I personally can't wait for more Alaska from FTX/Orbx in the future. Great views, great on frames, and perfect for bush flyers.
  4. Awesome shots again my friend!!!!
  5. You're the Best.......AROUND my friend !!!!! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBktYJsJq-E
  6. Thanks guys. Thanks RJ, but the King is Emmsie and the other Screenshot Preview Section Professionals and Contest Winners of course
  7. +1, Win 7 64 bit running here as well "smooth as silk"
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