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  1. Another fine job on this second Australian City DLC. Even though the default Gold Coast looks great, I would love to see Orbx produce a GOLD COAST (Surfers Paradise) DLC with fully rendered Hotels and Apartments, as well as theme parks. Better still, can you guys do a 3D model of my house, car and garden shed!
  2. I bet Brisbane International, Melbourne International and Melbourne City will be on the list of up and coming projects.
  3. I would love to see a detailed version of Luna Park. The iconic Clown face, the Ferris Wheel, Cony Island and the Mouse trap. Maybe in a future update.
  4. I love this airport! It was one of the first airports I purchased for FSX. The sports cars look awesome! Will we see the school buses in front of the school like in the FSX version?
  5. The Sydney add-on looks amazing! Is there any chance of adding Luna Park with the iconic clown face entrance and two of the popular ferries below!
  6. I only sent a message to Nick last week suggesting a Sydney Landmarks add-on, and wow, this is brilliant! I live in Sydney and I'm very excited about this add-on. You guys are amazing! Can't wait for Melbourne and future Australian add-ons.
  7. Beautiful update to one of my favourite original Orbx MSFS airports. I will be purchasing this update for sure!
  8. I apoligise if I offended you Ivana, but it's nothing personal! However I do think it matters. In fact it takes away the realism of the simulator. If there was an option to select a couple of characters besides IvanaFly that catered for a older teenagers and adults, than I wouldn't strongly object to the existing voice over characters to cater for a younger audience!
  9. It is a great concept! However, the characters (Narrators in the game) introducing the pilot to Skypark, sounds like Doctor Harry Cooper or one of the hosts of Play School! I assume this application is not targeting an audience 12yrs and under!
  10. I have a PC running an i7@4ghz with a 970 GTX 4GB graphics card, and I can run the True Earth UK version at a minimum 25fps. Will I have to upgrade my PC, if I wish to add this True Earth Washington State scenery?
  11. This is a masterpiece! Simply Brilliant! I will definitely be purchasing this DLC!
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