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  1. Don, No problem. Usually I do set the away message on the phones for planned closing dates. But given the urgency of the situation on Friday, this didn't cross my mind at the time I am afraid and I was tied up virtually all weekend with the mains water issue. Glad to hear you now have your products successfully installed.
  2. Hi Don, We are still here, still operating. Problem was on Friday morning, my wife noticed a nice stream of water running down the neighbours driveway (they are slightly lower than our block). I went home to check it out as the water meter was spinning like crazy. You guessed it, a leak in the underground mains water supply to the house. Spent all weekend from Friday through to this morning digging up half the yard to find the leak. Trouble is the builders buried the pipe about a metre underground and must have used a few connectors along the way with shorter length pipe. We found one leak but could not find the other and I wasn't going to dig a one metre deep trench about 15 m long to locate the next connector that had the leak. Long story short, ended up digging a new trench, not as deep and laying a new pipe. Problem solved, but consequently, I haven't had a chance to even start up my PC and check emails and forums until just now. I will address your issue as soon as I can. If I am looking at the right order now, I suspect I know what the issue may be. Those product codes have Capital I's and number 1's in them that look fairly similar. it is likely you might be entering the codes incorrectly, and hence the Next buttons wont light up until the correct code is entered. Try again, taking notice to carefully look at each character and ensure it is entered correctly. The same goes for zeroes and letter O, these can also be easily confused. The buttons will only light up once a correct code is entered. If you are cutting and pasting a code in, you have to be careful not to highlight any single invisible spaces immediately before or after the code itself when you copy it. If invisible spaces are copied and then pasted in, this will cause the codes not to be recognised either. Re forum access, I manually validate new registrations to prevent spammers etc, and I am running behind on this also due to the same issue above over the weekend.
  3. Very nice gesture there Nick! Looks like it is going to a good home.
  4. Wait... I haven't moved out of that shed yet!
  5. The QW146 can be a challenge yes, but like anything, just spend a bit of time on it, works out its quirks, then soon after, you will really appreciate it.
  6. The 146 is a great add-on. I don't think you would be disappointed. The Dash 8 also a fine offering!
  7. The new file is now up on the PCA servers for customers that purchased the Twin Otter Extended from us. Download via your original download link.
  8. I like the modern twist MilViz have put on the P-38 model, but Staggerwing is also good. Vulcan is a little dated now, and it shows, but if you want that particular aircraft, that is the best model out there for it.
  9. All fine Yardreamer. Just important to get the facts out there to avoid confusion, and to realise that stores are not interested in trying to rip you off, and if any of them are interested in this, they are not deserving of your business.
  10. Just to explain the process for PCA customers... You will need to wait until we have uploaded the latest file from Aerosoft to our servers. Once this is done, customers simply use the same download link URL from their original order to access the latest file... But, you must wait until we have confirmed the newest file is on the server or you will still be downloading the older one. There is no need to request the new installer individually. You can access your account by logging into the store and using the "Orders History" option in the right hand column. But again, please wait until we have the new files up on the server.
  11. There is nothing to Warn about... We will have the latest Aerosoft Twin Otter files on the server as soon as possible. You will not need to re-purchase. We have to wait until Aerosoft makes them available to resellers before we can upload them to our server and then offer the latest updates to customers. I'll let you know as soon as the file is ready to go.
  12. Very impressive shots. #1, #2 and the last shot are the winners for me.
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