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  1. Hey Seby H, I believe I may have experienced a small drop in FPS when flying close to the forest fires but have adjusted my settings in FSX to compensate for these FPS changes. I would recommend reducing your autogen in FSX or LOD radius some in your FSX.cfg file or tweak other plug in settings to get your sim running smooth. A little sacrifice in graphics or settings in some areas can go a long way. Good luck! Thanks Ryan
  2. Thanks a lot guys, found a lil extra time to enjoy the sim lately.
  3. Thanks guys, glad you liked these. Thanks guys and Homer is a great scenery once you add it to your library down the line. I personally can't wait for more Alaska from FTX/Orbx in the future. Great views, great on frames, and perfect for bush flyers.
  4. Awesome shots again my friend!!!!
  5. You're the Best.......AROUND my friend !!!!! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBktYJsJq-E
  6. Thanks guys. Thanks RJ, but the King is Emmsie and the other Screenshot Preview Section Professionals and Contest Winners of course
  7. +1, Win 7 64 bit running here as well "smooth as silk"
  8. Congrats my friend, very, very, very well deserved! cheers
  9. Congrats to Amentiba and FSMonte! Great screenies and enjoy the new scenery add ons guys.
  10. Too many incredible shots in this competition as Always each month and so hard to choose. My vote is for #10 by Brad B.
  11. Thanks a lot everyone for the nice comments, glad you enjoyed these. I could see how it would be hard to convince her to spend $1,000 to $2,000 upgrading your machine indeed, never....ever....an easy process my friend
  12. Thanks a lot everyone for the nice comments. Thanks. No Photoshop used, just straight V key using just the add ons in my signature. REX dusk and dawn themes played a great role in this set of course, hope that helps Haha, thanks Benjamin. I felt all alone until I landed
  13. Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated. Thanks Gerold, maybe it's cause I'm a very, very patient "V keyer"........ Thank you very much Jas and the same to yourself buddy.
  14. Thanks a lot guys for the nice comments. That's great news Wolf and what an awesome project. Feel free to keep me or the forum posted on how it goes and thanks for sharing the teaser videos with me. Good luck mate!
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