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  1. Wow SSAIR1 your advice worked like a charm. Followed your advice to the letter and both now rectified completely using verify files and are a visual treat in v5. Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out and assist. Take care and stay safe.
  2. Just as a further update to this topic when installing the EU Scotland region central reported 21 files failed to extract and this caused a lot of black landclass tiles to appear and a general mismatch of landclass tiles to be displayed.
  3. Hi Guys congrats in getting P3Dv5 compatibility to the standard it is already!!! Small issue when installing global base into v5, central says 1 of the files failed to extract and suggested I use the verify files process to resolve it. I did and the issue remains and it directed me to this support. I appreciate 1 file may not be a huge issue on a global scale but would welcome some advice.
  4. At a bit of a loss now guys. Tried Jarrad's suggestion which appeared to have little effect however didn't make things any worse. The vector .bgls now have been removed from the P3D folder. I then tried jjaycee1's suggestion of removing all but the KMRY.bgls and disabling vector and vector aec in the scenery.cfg...below are the results : ( Majority of airport assets and ground objects are level but it all sits on a plateaux with huge holes in areas not covered by tarmac. Not sure whether a re-install of P3D is the only way forward?
  5. Thanks Jarrad I will give this a try and report back, really frustrated as Monterey is still one of your finest regional works and one I really enjoy using.
  6. Thanks Jarrad I did try this today and it hasn't resolved the issue but it has improved things slightly. Looking at all the .bgls now I have a set for vector, a set for FTX_NC and a set for KMRY am I better off turning off all the sets other than the KMRY ones or is it simply a matter of trial and error 1 by 1?
  7. Hi both tried the manual disable of KMRY through the vector control panel this weekend. When I exited the tool and then opened it up again, KMRY was still showing in the disabled column, which I guess is what we want? So I loaded P3D up again to test how it had impacted the sim, during load P3D regenerated the scenery database indicating that it had done something to effect the scenery files. On load however there was some improvement with the main runway flat as you would expect it but a lot of the airport signage and lights still suspended above me. Using slew the default terrain was about 30ft below the ORBX scenery and the problems with the approach across the arena looked the same as my first screenshot so not quite there. Reviewing the file search revealed that the only vector .bgl left was the ABP_KMRY_Default.bgl. So I decided to rename this file in an attempt to remove all vector elevation correction which returned to scenery to the same situation shown in my original screenshots. Not sure where to turn next?
  8. jjaycee1 thanks for your input - I am happy to give your suggestion a try - I will get back to you on any further progress.
  9. Holger yes I did apply the changes to the simulator after the AEC scan if that is what you mean by saving after the run?
  10. Thanks for getting back to me Holger please see attached as requested hope it reveals something...
  11. Thanks for the input Jrbaird but I have run the vector config tool and initially it auto set KMRY to disabled I applied this and this made no difference. I have also tried to manually enable the correction and this didn't help.
  12. Hi Guys, recently back into P3D and happily installing all my ORBX back catalogue via the new to me FTX Central v3...very slick by the way. The only issue I have come across is with KMRY and I cannot resolve the elevation issues I have with it. I have FTX global, vector and Nor Cal all also installed. I have followed the existing threads on this issue including the re-install of Nor Cal and I have run the auto elevation correction tool through vector and changed to auto assigned values, I have also removed any potential My Traffic 6 conflicts and as you can see still no good... I really don't know how to resolve and I really want to be able to use this scenery. I cannot find my FSS order number now I have converted to ORBX direct but the scenery transaction ID is 5909df8e7c1ef. Please help!?
  13. Misha your an artist right enough! Looks amazing and a perfect VFR addition to my California collection
  14. Merry Christmas Iain and thanks for the coverage...its another region that just has to be added to the collection!
  15. Thanks Pierre I wasnt aware about the need to update the libraries after each install so I will give that a try.
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