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Attention to detail

Nick Cooper

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This is wonderful stuff :)


I noticed at another website that there were a great many complaints about an annoying rattle in the Beaver.

Unfortunately many were accompanied with the obligatory negative comments that seem to accompany any new MS2020 offering .


They stopped shortly after it was mentioned that one could simply tighten up the oil filler cap to stop the rattle. :)

Imagine that !


This level of detail and realism is just simply outstanding . It's a wonderful time to be involved in this hobby:D

Thank you for sharing this Nick.... It made my day,  well possibly the whole week !




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Great stuff!

I was just recently watching the Milviz (Blackbird Simulations) video where the developers were discussing the shaking of the throttle levers and also the gauge needles on the Beaver.  It was a really interesting video, as they usually are.






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