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  1. Just for reference If I disable YBBN I then get silky smooth performance over Brisbane Two sample snaps ... One thing I have noticed in DX12 is that the memory reported in the FPS dropdown doesn't seem to be correct. For both of these screenshots , CPU-z indicated about 7750 - 7800 MB, total system memory was in use. The behaviour of the sim certainly verified with this for me. Memory usage does seem to be correct in DX11 and both the FPS dropdown and CPU-z always agree exactly. YBBN is disabled in Addons Linker as mentioned. This is DX12 - DLSS - Quality mode All settings on Ultra, Terrain LOD = 200 Monitor res is 1440p i7 9700K, RTX 3070ti - 8GB GPU usage - 39%, CPU usage average 37%
  2. This is what has happened on my system as well Nick. As per the dev notes it is now managed elsewhere Cheers Pete
  3. Hi John Please see the following concerning the content.xml file From SU10 Patch 10 update notes A new package ordering system is also available on PC via the Experimental option menu in game. The way the content.xml file used to work has changed and it may impact the behavior of your add-ons, if they were writing directly in this file. Details about the changes can be found on DevSupportā€™s homepage here 26. And the Dev support homepage https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/articles/9407/changes-on-contentxml-behavior.html Brisbane has been a very heavy load on my system ever since it was updated. It is very instructive to taxi from one end of the main runway to the other with something light like a Cessna 152. I notice significant drops is frame rate as you move along, and if you pan around the aircraft in some directions I find rates dropping down into the single middle digits. The really odd thing is that using task manager, the built in FPS counter in Dev mode and GPU-z , I see nothing that would indicate what is causing the issue. And then just as strangely as soon as I get closer to the CBD , everything clears up, frame rates come back to normal and stay there. It almost reminds me of the description of black holes in one of Stephen Hawking's books. I don't see the problem though if I just turn off YBBN using addons linker. So for me it seems to be the airport itself which is causing an issue Cheers Pete
  4. I thought this was quite nicely done Cheers Pete
  5. This is a really excellent point Nick. There are now a wide range of options available that will allow a user to select the best settings combination that works best for their particular situation. All of this is just part of the toolbox. There is no right or wrong. I'm just pleased now that we have this type of choice available. as with a bit of experimentation it is possible to come up with settings that work best for your own requirements Cheers Pete
  6. Hi again The situation is more intriguing Please refer to page 5 in this posting on Avsim Matt N of Working Title is indicating that it is the driver itself which will turn memory optimization on i.e. it is included in the release version of MS2020 SU10 and is activated by the correct driver. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/624263-su-10-is-out/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-4844659 Strangely as I indicated , I saw no change whatsoever. The biggest issue I have found with MS2020 is that there is no such thing as a standard operating environment i.e. everyone's PC is different in some way Hence what works great for some , fails miserably for others. For me it didn't work so I will just wait for the game ready driver and give it a whirl again. Thanks for bring up the comment. I never would have gone through the very long thread on SU10 at Avsim , most of which wasn't terribly relevant for answering technical issues. But there are some buried nuggets that are helpful and your comment prompted me to have another look. Hopefully MS will update their official website with that nugget Cheers Pete
  7. Hi again I can certainly appreciate how frustrating that must be. Oddly enough I have never had it happen to me. Just lucky I guess . On the other hand at times perhaps the most accurate comment might be "It's not a question of if it will happen to you, its only a question of when it will happen". Cheers Pete
  8. Hi Until Asobo actually turns the DX12 memory manager in MS2020 back on (it was disabled in the SU10 beta because of an identified Nvidia driver issue), a updated game ready driver is a necessary , but not complete solution. Pure speculation on my part , but I would expect that Asobo would issue the revised code to the Beta testing group first to confirm that all is well and then release it. I was part of the SU10 beta testing group and I have remained in the test as the version we are using is identical to the release version. Last night I did a DDU uninstall of the game ready 516.49 driver and installed the newest studio driver. I repeated my test runs at Brisbane that I was using during the Beta to monitor performance as Orbx Brisbane a/p is a very good loading exercise. I saw no change in either DX11 or DX12 performance (this was flat panel and not VR). I then DDU uninstalled the studio driver and reinstalled the game ready 516.49 driver and retested. There was no change. I use the task manager, the MS2020 FPS monitor and CPU-Z to and monitor performance Other people may have different opinions based upon their setup but unless Asobo has actually added something to the release version which invalidates the following, I believe that the comment that a sim update from Asobo is required to work with the updated Nvidia driver is correct. From https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/beta-testers-new-information-on-joining-leaving-the-beta/543728 and under FAQ's in answer to the question concerning any differences between the beat and the release version ... "No, the beta group has already received the version that will be released to the public (" Cheers Pete
  9. H Carlos I don't quite know what to say .... Absolutamente excepcional y hermoso en todos los sentidos The quality and realism is just out of this world Well done sir, extremely well done indeed! Cheers Pete
  10. For me, with the spoiler alert that I am a nerd about colour fidelity, I only use DLSS Quality. I didn't care for the other settings Secondly at 1440p locked at 30 fps with vsync in MS2020, I don't have any issues with either GPU usage or CPU usage with everything on Ultra. So DLSS - Quality does give me a nice boost and visually I like the result very much. I have done a lot of testing between TAA and DLSS-Quality and at the resolution I use I can't see any difference. Here is an example I made a few days ago with SU10 Beta Both are at 2560x1440p which is my monitor native resolution. Native Resolution - TAA 100% Scaling # of Unique colours - 336,175 This is DLSS - Quality Setting # of Unique Colours = 323,602 There is a small difference in the number of unique colours, but aside from that , I struggle to see any difference in the images but perhaps you can. It might be more noticeable at 4K, though eg. you have a 4K monitor and you are using DLSS with that native resolution. So my comment and the above images, may be unique to my particular situation. I do however see a difference as one uses lower DLSS settings. The reason for this is that the downscaled image which is where the performance improvement comes from has less colour information than the original native image. As a result when you upscale it back to native resolution the DLSS AI algorithm doesn't appear to have sufficient information to realistically add the colour variation back in. As a result I found that the color fidelity deteriorated and the contrast increased , both of which I didn't care for. However, everyone is different and the visual change vs the performance improvement is a personal decision. If you turn on the FPS indicator in development mode, you can see the actual downscaled image size that DLSS is using in the data summary just below the fps value. Post is you actual monitor resolution and Render is the downscaled resolution that the DLSS algorithm is using for the particular DLSS setting you have chosen. Hope this helps Pete
  11. Hi Jon Assuming that the final release uses the same code as the Beta: 1) You don't change any resolution settings just leave it at your native monitor resolution 2) In the Antialiasing setting you can select TAA and the other standard settings as before OR you can select DLSS -Quality, DLSS - Balanced, DLSS -Performance, or DLSS - High Performance 3) There is also a new slider called AMD FIDELITY FX Sharpening which allows adjustment 4) Both these setting sliders can be adjusted in real time In the beta it was very easy and worked extremely well to allow adjustment to your particular system Hope this helps Pete
  12. Hi Carlos This is frankly , Absolutely Superb It is so wonderful to see the progression you have made over the years. This is very, very professionally done. I sorry that I fear we will lose you, as with quality offerings like this, Hollywood will soon be knocking on your door All the best Pete
  13. Thanks FILOU "Anyway the best simulator is in my head..." I like the comment a lot. Truer words have never been spoken I appreciate the detail of your response. Both products are just that to me. Separate products that do flight simulation well in their own way and with their own limitations. But both offer both advantages and disadvantages as you mention I think it is unrealistic to assume that ultimately only one will be satisfactory to everyone. Each has its strong points and each has its weakness. So I agree with you completely Because my "hobby interest in simulation" is as much writing my own shaders to adjust colour fidelity the way to my personal enjoyment I have learned a lot about both lighting and colour adjustments. My observation is that it is the same as it is in very good quality digital cameras. Most of the time they work very well with automatic settings. However, automatic adjustment algorithms for things such as exposure always will have manual adjustments for exposure compensations The same applies for flight simulation. Both do a good job - it would be nice if they each incorporated the ability to fine tune the image to your personal likeness as sometimes the conditions are too difficult for the algorithm to determine an average setting that works well. Thank you again for your informed and realistic assessment I will take the plunge and make it again a part of my collection All the best Pete PS - the final image does show their improvements at their finest. It is a wonderfully realistic image
  14. Hi Jon This might be helpful to you , as you can do some testing with the existing SU9 version of MS2020 that you currently have Suggest you try it with all your normal settings , and then maybe with everything on ultra and LOD at 200 for the max load test. The values in TAA render scaling are within engineering accuracy of the DLL scaling factors (I did them on mine and double checked against Craigs Quality setting @craigeaglefire just to be sure). The DLSS scaling factors were calculated from the scaled resolutions available in Developer mode in the FPS dropdown. DLSS - Quality Setting - Scaling Factor = 0.667 Equivalent TAA Render Scaling Factor = 65 DLSS - Balanced Setting - Scaling Factor = 0.58 Equivalent TAA Render Scaling Factor = 60 DLSS - Performance Setting - Scaling Factor = 0.50 Equivalent TAA Render Scaling Factor = 50 DLSS - Ultimate Performance Setting - Scaling Factor = 0.33 Equivalent TAA Render Scaling Factor = 35 I did some checking with several runs on my machine and performance between the two methods matches very well. DLSS - Quality is visually (to me) much better than the Equivalent TAA Render Scaling but DLSS Ultimate Performance is a lot worse that the Equivalent TAA Render Scaling. But both are not very good visually at such a high upscaling level, and I don't think most folks would be happy with either. I think especially if you do this type of test with your current GPU and your current preferred settings you can get a good idea how much above 8 GB you might have to go (as you have 11 GB Vram on the 1080) , or you may find that 8 GB is quite workable. You can of course also try it with SU10 as they have done a lot of work on memory management using the TAA Render Scaling approach. The other comment I would have is that Asobo has indicated that they will be adding the AMD FSR 2.1 or higher (I'm just not sure of their latest version) algorithm which is AMD's version of improved rendering in response to the Nvidia DLSS method. It's advantage is that it does not use RTX cores , so it would be suitable for both the Nvidia GTX cards as well as AMD GPU's. There is no committed time frame yet for this as apparently initial tests indicated that AMD needs to do some additional work. From what I have seen in comparison testing of other games, DLSS - Quality is better visually, but the other settings are very comparable. That's not to say that AMD's version is drastically worse visually than the DLSS Quality setting, but rather it is very workable but not quite of the same visual fidelity imho. As I mentioned in my note , I think a 3070 or 3070 ti is a great choice for 1440p, but the 8 GB limit might not be workable at higher resolutions. However, depending on your settings you may find from the above testing that it would be a choice. I hope that the above will help in your decision making. If I think of anything else to try I will be in touch All the best Pete
  15. Thanks Jack . I will have to check this out. Now if they just had a little Renault Clio Ah, maybe not I very much had a love/hate relationship with mine It was both the best car I have every owned and the absolute worst car I have ever owned. And if you have ever owned one, you would understand Cheers Pete
  16. Gosh Jack!! That is really something special Fantastic screenshots and the Mercedes just fits right in Is it hard to drive? . It looks like you have a deft hand on the wheel I have to admit that the last one was totally unexpected I was scrolling through and my reaction was , did I hit the wrong key You got me sir - hook , line and sinker & then I remembered your comment about comic locations This is really well done, Jack , really well done indeed. The forum wasn't the same when you were gone, but now all is right with our little world !!! Cheers & thanks so much It has made my entire day All the best Pete
  17. Thanks Landon It's all in the wrist action Cheers Pete
  18. I think you will have a great time. Not everything is interior modelled, but a lot of it is. My goodness, they even put me into an Orbx partners , Bristol Airport There is no shame !!!! On the other hand , maybe a lot of us look like this, and this is just the generic "old guy at the airport" avatar
  19. Just a few random ones from a cleanup session Most I threw out, but a few I thought might be passable , so here they are Cheers Pete Catalina Just for Jack ... @Jack Sawyeryour challenge mate is that you gotta find this one. Great views Just at sunset ... End of an era. After beta testing XPlane 11.5. I swore I would never due it again. But I did . This is MS2020 SU10 Beta , DX12 - DLSS - Quality settings at Mackay (I kept a few airports for testing during the beta as it made it much easier to determine if something was an improvement of not) As far as I know, the beta is pretty well wrapped up and the update will be released soon Mackay Queensland Mackay Airport, Queensland again RexWeatherForce live weather. Sometimes the clouds look pretty awesome This is MS2020 SU10 DLSS Beta - Quality , DX12 , clouds on ultra setting Orbx South American Mesh. This is just east of Reiche Neuman Airport (SPZA) in Peru . It's tough flying in a little Cessna , I didn't realize this would be above 13,000 ft. Why am I here? Well , I thought it is really pretty. But more importantly if you keep going east from here you will come to Peru's Nazca Desert, which is where the Nazca Lines - massive straight lines drawn in the sand , visible from space are located. No one knows for sure why they are here - some speculate that they are from ancient advanced civilizations who visited Earth in the past. In any case, I will leave it to you if you want to discover it for yourself. It is pretty cool to see. Iceland - it all looks so normal Don't ask, I won't tell But this might explain it. I'll bet you didn't know that the Edgley makes a fair little boat when called upon. I thought of this one for this months screenshot contest, but then decided that it was maybe not quite in keeping with the rules for "through a window."
  20. You've captured the essence of flight in this one So, with all your activity, could you share any first impressions you might have of the #12 version . It looks like you are enjoying it very much! Cheers Pete
  21. Looking good there Mr. Jack, very good indeed For something a little different, park the plane and use the drone to visit the harbour area Have a "poke around" in the harbour area. Lots of things to discover. From your days in Mass. , something you might remember from the coastal homes - one of the houses has a widows walk modeled . You can set the camera up there and get some really stellar dawn screenshots. This is one of the nicest modelled Orbx areas , Ken and Tim did a fantastic job. Its well work spending some time , imho just exploring Cheers Pete
  22. OUCH! What a stellar screenshot Iain ! " A master at his craft " Do you happen to recall roughly where you were flying when you took this please? It looks like a spot most worthy of visiting . Thanks Pete
  23. Hi Jon I hope that the following will give you some insight into how the RTX 3070 ti performs in SU10 Beta - DX12 DLSS - Quality mode Resolution 2560 x 1440p All MS2020 settings - Ultra LOD - 200 Win 11 Home Nvidia Driver 516.94 64 GB System Ram Intel i7 9700K in turbo boost. The 3070 is not that much different than the 3070ti. The ti is about 7-10% faster , but uses about 100w more power than the 3070 due to the DDR6X memory it has. The only reason I have it is it replaced my RTX2060 super which died and at the time it was all that the computer builder had available. The airport chosen for most of the tests was Brisbane, as for whatever reason it is very, very hard on performance. I have copied this note to Craigeaglefire @craigeaglefire as he may be able to provide you with some additional insight The 3070 & (ti) will have from my experience sufficient processing power , however the concern I have is the available Vram The memory management now in place in the Beta in my experience works very well at 1440p . In all the tests I have not run out of Vram, but as you can see the total system usage (CPU-z) is around 7.5 - 7.8 GB. This is also a reflection of having every setting maximized for testing. However, from what i have seen, 4K can be a very different beast and I would defer to your experience with your current card for Vram usage. Therefore my concern is really the 8GB Vram , more so than the GPU processing power. The following comment may raise some eyebrows from my fellow members. However, it is borne out by direct comparisons with it on and off . I only ask that anyone reading it keep an open mind , as my recommendation at this point is only for use in DX12 as it does not work the same way in DX11. What I found with DX12 is that switching Hardware Accelerated Graphics System (HAGS) on, allows the GPU to properly control system resources As you can see from all the screenshots the CPU load is pretty even on all cores except Core 7. On my machine core7 is close to full saturation but not quite. However with HAGS off, Core7 does fully saturate which leads to stuttering at times. Especially at my preferred setting of 30 fps the sim is incredibly fluid and smooth, all cores balance nicely (note on Core7) and the system as overhead to deal with any situation form what I have seen with it enabled. With HAGS off, DX12 is smooth, but there is a noticeable imbalance in Core usage and at times I could see slight stuttering. With HAGS on this has been eliminated completely. Also HAGS in DX12 in Win 11 is a different behaviour than in Win10, where it never worked for me and I had it disabled. So it is what it is as they say. I only offer it as setting which I found materially helped system performance and I used in all of the attached tests. As near as I could see it gave me about 2 fps more with it on, rather than off but this was strictly for testing. For me, it is never about fps (I am always locked at 30 fps) but about system smoothness and fluid behaviour . Since I always use all settings on Ultra, this gives me the smooth performance and visual fidelity that I like. This is not using the new Nvidia driver which should be coming with the final release of SU10 . So Hags will be revisited then to see if I see the same improvement in system usage and smoothness. Personally I have found that DLSS in quality mode gives me better visual fidelity than TAA and with a significant reduction in system resources. However, one thing to be aware of is that as you change to the other DLSS modes , Quality ==> Balanced ==> Performance ==> Ultra Performance you will notice two things happening. Resolution stays pretty much the same but you lose both # of unique colors in the image as well as deterioration in contrast. This is because as you go to increasing down sampling to increase performance , the algorithm doesn't have sufficient unique colour information in the down sampled image to determine how to properly upscale it back to the monitor native resolution while retaining all the colour information originally contained at native resolution. If this doesn't bother you then it is not an issue though. However, for me I freely admit I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to visual fidelity , so that is why I prefer and use Quality mode exclusively. It gives me a nice performance boost and retains the visual quality. On average it drops CPU/GPU utilization by about 20 - 35% depending on area. Vram usually drops about 400 MB or so with DLSS - Quality mode. So yes , I am a fan of DLSS, but it is not a magic panacea . Like any tool, it has both its limitations and advantages and needs to be balanced to give the best performance for the users requirements. Hope this is of help Cheers Pete These 3 screenshots are at unlimited max rate on my system. You can see the increase in max fps as you move over Brisbane a/p. As I mentioned, Brisbane is a good testing area as for whatever reasons this airport is a heavy resource load. GPU utilization is 94% which is the highest I have seen. This is pretty much the max fps with these overall settings. However, most folks would probably dial things down to balance visual fidelity and performance . If I do that, i.e. settings on high , LOD - 100 and DLSS set to balanced mode , I can usually get around 58 - 64 fps during testing. Switching to 30 fps gives a significant reduction in system resource requirements. This is the fps setting that I always use. There is one "anomaly" that I have seen consistently with DX12 and HAGS on and it is illustrated here. When I switch from unlimited fps to a locked 30 fps, I see a reduction in VRAM requirements. It is usually small, around 100 -150 MB but any decrease is useful with a 8GB card. This was just a test to see the impact of cloud settings. As you can see the 3070ti is handling it without issue. At a locked 30 fps, a GPU utilization of 70% is the maximum load I see regardless of where I fly. And the last 2 are just because I liked the look of them
  24. Thank you so much Jack And thank you for your continued support. It is very much appreciated Cheers Pete Thank you Carlos Cheers Pete
  25. Thanks Jack It is very much appreciated. I was able to get to a back button, but it seems to control other things and did nothing for the brightness dialogue I found that if you shut the sim down (i.e, go back to the main menu) it does get rid of that dialogue though. Also I found if you push the nrst key, multiple times it cycles through and then gets rid of the brightness menu which isn't very intuitive although it did leave one line with some information about that system on the screen. Your suggestion was logical and made sense to me. Thanks again for your assistance. I thought if anyone here would understand such things it would be you and I was right It just seems that some parts of this product are not quite modeled completely to the real life counterpart though is perhaps the best explanation. Cheers Pete
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