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So nice to come home too

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Had to go to the medical centre this morning, had to give more blood - think I'm about to run out.:wacko: - came home to this. I had the dogs in the house so cold outside. Next time they can freeze. More drama later when my wife gets home and sees her curtains.:rollmyeyes:>:(

Posted pics of the culprits. The Bassetts are adults, the Lab - Maggie is only a pup 9 months old - big dog, she is still in wrecking mode.:D



Maggie 2.JPG

Stella & Louise.JPG

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1 hour ago, Rodger Pettichord said:

Hey Don. Yes, but you still love 'em, right? :lol:


They are my life mate, couldn't live without them. I forgive them everything, the wife.......well :lol:. Just posted the damage I forgot before.

Dog mess 1.JPG

Dog mess 2.JPG

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14 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello Don,

we have three Labradors and our house is littered with their toys.

Do you have any for your dogs?

They are very intelligent and soon learned which are theirs and which are ours that they are not to touch.


Hi Nick,

Three labs, yep you would need a few toys to keep them happy. I usually close all doors before I go out, but was a bit late and left the study door open. That mess is the packing from my Bravo throttle module, I kept it thinking it might come in handy, not now I guess. The Bassett looking at the camera is Louise (Lulu), she destroys anything she can get her teeth around, the other one, Stella, is too lazy she just watches, "go for it guys, don't expect me to help with the clean up":lol:

Yep labs are really intelligent, I've had no trouble teaching her all the basic commands, she is super quick. I guess you would need a lot of toys with three, Maggie has mainly rope toys, with her teeth, she destroys everything else. The rope toys last a long time, and she's quite happy with them.  I'd have another one tomorrow, if I could afford the divorce." :D

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