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can not download via orbx central


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Your Central log file provides us important information, please attach it to your support requests. You can find it at the following locations, or by pressing Control + Shift + L.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/Orbx/Central/central.log

You can delete this box/quote once your log is attached




Operating system:  





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Right the big problem is when click transfer from my products nothing happens try to transfer free stuff nothing happens why did you people change what was no broke to which now is broke.i think i have  about $700 dollars of airports bought in good faith but now i can not get .They are all there we invoice numbers why can't you open file so i can down load??????????????????? p off i am not a it  person just want to fly my plains do this to program do this with program wye i just want to down load my airports

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yes new central only have orbx .i have just come back after  computer crash oly have prepard3d v4 and  aircraft fromcarenado


i try to open au Australia p3dv4 it you own this product OPEN IN ORBX CENTRAL  CLICK NOTHING  TRY TO DOWN LOAD VIA ORDER DETAILS NOTHING same through all my owen products


i have uninstall orbx central there are files on my computer have come to the end alist you can help

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Ok good to have only Orbx Products

FTX Central used to install everything inside the P3D root folder, there are yet some products that need to be installed inside the root folder when using the new Central

But first, the new Central offers you the possibility of installing the products outside the P3D root folder or inside the P3D root folder or migrate them. As you said, if it is not broken then leave it as it is. I mean you don't need to migrate the products, that is a choice. And if you prefer to continue installing inside P3D that is fine too. The option to install outside is just for people who are running out of space in the disk, or prefer to install in another drive or whatever, what I mean is that you are not force to installed outside except for some products. These are The Objects flow, and some specific airports like Kos, & KSUN, and for now the TrueEarth Great Britain Libraries but I've heard this will change.

In order for these products to install you need to create a "library". This library can be created in any drive of your preference. It seems you had this one as stated by Nick:

C:\Users\FLIGHT SIM\Orbx Library

If you have uninstalled Central then you might like to delete that library and create a new one.

Let's download a fresh installer of Central and run it


Do all your installed products show in Central when you open it?

I hope so


Now lets create that new folder we need for the objects flow. You go here:


Oh boy, the new Central is out now :)


Ok then you go here to the nut/screw.. then to libraries on the left and then in the wide screen on the right you create you library




As you can see I already have one that shows in my disc like this, I simply named it Orbx and inside Central created the p3cv4 one like this:




Inside that one you'll see the products that currently must be installed outside P3D root


If you still show this folder there: C:\Users\FLIGHT SIM\Orbx Library better delete it as suggested by Nick and let's create a new one. Make up a name and above all select the drive where you want it to be.


As you can see I have P3D installed in drive H

When I tried to create the library here there was a warning that the disc needs to be empty, don't freak out. What I did was to create the Orbx folder and then pointed Central to it. and voila.


Now, after you purchase a product you'll see a big message in blue that reads install

When you install a new product Central will show you this window:




Here you must chose if you want to continue installing your products within P3D root folder like this:




The old FTX Central style



In the folder you just created




When the product must be installed in this folder the installer won't offer you the option to chose so it must go here.


Now you would be ready to install all your new products


It is really easy, it is just that new stuff pisses us off because we are too used to the very know old style but once you get it it will be a peace of cake


Some additional info

If you just move to Central ensure there is no Object folder inside "Documents" tab in your desk top, if there is delete it and install through central.

If any black textures or so just run the verification files tool of each product, if by any reason is not solved then verify the Open land classes and if yet something looks weird uninstall and reinstall Global Base.

Also ensure your Orbx libraries are updated


I wish you manage to solve it, believe me, it looks too much talking but it is very simple after you get familiar to it


So let's do it and let us know how well you did






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So every thing works great i have down loaded all your free airports works great all my airports that i have purchase will not download need to purchase them again.Some think has gone wrong from when i had FTX CENTRAL AND THE NEW SYSTEM i have been away for 6months  well i am not forking out 700-1000 bucks so wear do we go from here

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let me explain whats happening I bought from orba almost everything 4 months ago I can able to uninstall or re install both fsx or P3D v4.5 but now some msg pop up cominicating error or it can go library  or similar msgs and your account lock up what is this do you have any experience ...


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ok ever thing working ok have library installed insimulator have downloader free airports works great but sadly none of my airports the program things I do not own them .below is a pint screen picture Australia au 2 you can ready when I purchase it I have about 20 photo's to do if you require.for the rest.Sadly this is not helping me either I have to purchase all my airports again or sherch the net simulator added ons


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It appears you have two accounts.


The account you're logged into has the 10 freeware items in it. Your other account has 40 products in it.


Please log out of Orbx Central (Settings -> Account -> Log Out), then log in with the same email that you've used here on this forum (it ends in @mail.com).

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