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PNW Seaplane Bases Missing Buildings & Docks


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Hello all,


Since upgrading to P3D 4.5, the freeware seaplane bases (YRC, CAC8, CAE3, CAG8, and CAX6) are not loading correctly. I see the static seaplanes, boats, dudes in kayaks, etc., but no docks, boathouses, or buildings. The only buildings I see are autogen and appear to be way off elevation-wise.


Here's what I've tried so far:

Reinstall each airport

Verify PNW

Verify Global Vector

Manually deleting scenery in P3D, then reinstalling and restaring the sim to rebuild the file.


I'm out of ideas. Help

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6 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


the most likely explanation is that objectflow is not installed or not working.


Yes, as per Nick, this is almost certainly the problem; it's a general issue  that will affect all Orbx products that use ObjectFlow and not related to the SPBs per se nor is it related to P3D. Hopefully Nick can help you sort it out. If you can't get ObjectFlow working by yourself, be sure to make note of whether you are using FTC3 or Orbx Central to install products. ObjectFlow is handled a little differently by Orbx Central.

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Hi Nick,


I have a Library created

Uninstalled and reinstalled Objectflow

Restarted P3D, but didn't get the prompt to run objectflow

needless to say, I'm having the same issue.


Not sure if it's helpful or not, but when I look for it under "Addons" in P3D, it is not listed. Several other things that I've stored in my Library do appear in this menu.

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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @Melvin,


I have an idea of what this issue may be. In order to confirm my suspicions can you perform a verify files of PNW then once it completes attach you central.log file?

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I've actually been quite patient, Nick. I realize that it is now the weekend, but it wasn't when I reached out on Thursday, which was after I hadn't heard anything from anyone since Monday. I realize how fast work can stack up, but even a message such as yours would have been very welcomed. Are you telling me I should now expect a full week before even a "we're working on it" reply comes my way?


Orbx Central is "working" in that it starts, and I can manage my scenery files to an extent, but the aforementioned problems with the boat docks, buildings, etc. still remain. I'm also wondering if whatever is causing these issues is also responsible for the problems I'm having with my KACK scenery (Lack of buildings, no runway, taxiway, or ramp markings).


I do appreciate your help, but this is a very frustrating way to provide support to your customers.

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As this appears to be an ObjectFlow issue, can you please try the following:

  • Go to 'My Products' on the sidebar, scroll down to Orbx ObjectFlow. Press 'Verify Files'.
  • Go to 'Settings' on the sidebar, press 'Help' and then press 'Sync Simulator'
  • Launch Prepar3D, select 'Add-ons', does Orbx ObjectFlow appear in the list?
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Hi Mitchell,


YES! That did the trick!


These steps solved the building, docks problem at the Seaplane bases and the building and runway marking issues at Nantucket!


Thank you so much. You saved me a few (more) grey hairs.

Can't wait to splash the tourists on the docks :)


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