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  1. Hi guys, Just a quick note to say that P3D v5.3 seems to have solved all the performance issues with the Orbx seaplane bases (CAX6, CAC8, CAG8, YRC and CAE3) that began with v5.0. The issue appears to have been related to the way in which v5 handled platforms or hardening and these products made extensive use of hardening so that heli pilots could land on the large models and the avatar could walk on them. With 5.3 there are a few oddities I have not been able to solve and some effects, designed for v3 and 4 are not quite as I would wish them. But in general, everything works and on my machine performance is now better than in v4 using similar settings. This in spite of a lot of improvements to the sim. Cheers,
  2. Hi @Whenmaker I'm glad my guess on the end color fix worked for you. You might end up wanting to fiddle a bit more as you see the waves in more circumstances. As Aussie mentions above, the new lighting system P3Dv5 makes the waves (and other things too) highly dependent on the time of day, the time of year to some extent and the weather. The angle of the sun is especially important and as you fly the relation between the waves and the sun changes continually. The lighting system is not perfect and sometimes produces less than realistic colors (hue, saturation or lightness), but in general with each point version it gets better. I'll mention one other adjustment that seems to produce different results from version to version; the 'alpha' or transparency value of the starting color. It's the 4th number in the Color Start line. The range is zero to 255, 255 being completely opaque. If the waves seem to harsh to your eye, you can lower the number, or raise it if they you want them more prominent. Cheers,
  3. Hello Steffen, Yes, this is one of those frustrations where the effect looks slightly different with each version of P3D; it's a continual moving target. I'm no longer able to try to tweak the effect files for each new version, but you can if you want to spend time to do it. In this case, the original idea was to gradually darken the color of the texture as a percentage of the time the wave runs. And that time is random within a given range which makes things more complicated. It's done by using the Color Rate, Color Start and Color End lines in the .fx file. The current version of v5 makes the darkening too obvious in some waves, like those that run the longest. Here's what you can try: in your \Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Global_Orbx_Wave_Effects\Effects, find the effect file you suspect is being used. Ignore any of the files with Cntrl or controller in the file name. Open the suspect effect file in Notepad. For many shoreline waves, this file is used: fx_LR_Orbx_oceanwaves.fx Scroll down to the [ParticleAttributes.0] section and look for the line Color End=..... For example it may be Color End=120, 129, 138, 0 This is the color at the end of the wave and in this case is quite dark. Try just lightening it up by uniformly increasing the first 3 numbers (for red, green and blue) by 40 or 50 as a first guess. There is no magic to this; it's trial and error. If your first attempt does not do what you want, just keep at it. I can't tell you how many hours I spent doing this sort of thing. Once you get something you like, keep a copy of the effect file just in case. However, because this is a manual installation, Orbx Central should not ever overwrite it. If you are not sure you are editing the correct wave effect file, the easiest check is to temporarily change the starting color to say pure red like this: Color Start=255, 0, 0, 160 If you have edited the correct file, the waves you are trying to fix will now start out red. If they are not, you are editing the wrong file -- or not doing it correctly. Cheers,
  4. Hi Sherm, Everything you (or others interested) need is in the folder in the zip file I attached above plus the .pdf instructions. I copied them directly from the Extras folder in my PNW ferries installed by OC. You don't need the ferries for the new waves to work; they were just 'extras'. Cheers Ps: the only reason the Add-on folder was zipped was so that Orbx Central would not try to install it.
  5. Hi Sherm, The Orbx Global Wave Effects were included as a manually installed Add-on in the 'Extras' folder in the PNW Ferries product. We did it this way to avoid the following problem: if the wave effects were added by Orbx Central and the user elected to install within the sim folder, a couple of default files would be over-written. This is a no-no. So although more inconvenient, manually putting the files in your P3D Add-ons folder avoids any such issues. I'll attach the zip file needed for the waves. I hope you will take a look at the instructions attached too. Global_Orbx_Wave_Effects.zip Instructions for the new wave and surf effects.pdf Cheers,
  6. Hello, I was not aware that LM has removed the default wave effects; I'll have to check on my setup. The required default files continue to be present on each version of v5 I have tested, including the latest. (This would be expected in that those files are used by Orbx and others.) For example: wavecontroller.fx and the associated waves.fx are present in the effects folder. For what it's worth, previous advice I have offered on this topic is still valid in the latest version of v5. If anything, to my eye the Orbx Global Wave Effects manually installed add-on now look better in v5 as compared to v4. As to removing all wave effects, there are several posts I have made on the subject that will still apply to v5. Can't remember where however. Cheers,
  7. Hello, I'd suggest asking the guys over at FSDeveloper about this issue; that's what I would do. Cheers,
  8. Thanks for the kind words Henrik, Perhaps when the weather turns cold and rainy I'll look into adapting the boats only to MSFS. If I can get over the frustration of working with MSFS that is. Larry
  9. Hello, Let me add a bit to Graham's answer above although it has nothing to do with AI aircraft. If you have the PNW Ferries installed, Orbx Central disables the default file that guides AI ship and ferry traffic (trafficboats.bgl) and substitutes a version that is identical except for routes modified or added by the PNW Ferries. If for some reason you want to use the default AI ship and ferry traffic file, disable or uninstall the PNW Ferries scenery package. This is further discussed in the instructions for the ferries. Cheers,
  10. Thanks for remembering the ferries Bert, I don't know if I will ever get to adapting the ferries to MSFS; I'm currently off in another direction. But you never know.... Larry
  11. Hello, My expertise is in AI boats, not planes but in that there has been no reply yet, take this for what it's worth. In your SimObjects\Airplanes, find the pertinent model. It may have a number of liveries. Open the aircraft.cfg with notepad. You will see entries like this example: [fltsim.1] title=Commercial Airliner Paint4 sim=Commercial_Airliner model= panel= sound= texture=4 kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id=I-HKSN atc_airline=Orbit atc_flight_number= ui_manufacturer="ACME" ui_type="Commercial Jet" ui_variation="Orbit Airlines" ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner" ui_createdby="Lockheed Martin" description="Commercial Airliner" Make a backup or copy of the aircraft.cfg, then delete the entire pertinent [fltsim.n] entry and renumber any remaining so there are no missing numbers. That should do it. If the sim crashes, revert to your saved original .cfg. If that aircraft is pilotable, you will no longer have that option. Cheers
  12. Hello Typically either DXT1 or DXT5 are used but note my qualification. I often can't remember exactly what I have done in a given circumstance at some time in the past. I'd suggest doing what I do when I'm not sure; open the file in DXTBMP and observe. (It's a free download and very useful.) Then you do know for sure. Larry
  13. Thanks for noticing this Jack. Ed and I decided to take the risk of making this available for v5 in spite of performance problems on perhaps less powerful machines near the seaplane dock. CAE3 Campbell River remains problematic in P3D v5 at the docks but there is hope. By the way, I've been asked privately several times if I'm planning to port the SPBs to MSFS. Ans: I have no such plans at the present, sorry. Larry
  14. Hello, The number of waves you see is a function of the information hard coded into the file that defines the shoreline and the controller effect file that the shoreline references. The easiest way for you to experiment might be to try the free Orbx Global Wave Effects that comes as an Extra with the Pacific Northwest Ferry System. They work with the latest P3D v5.1. (You can uninstall the ferries if all you want are the wave effects.) For several reasons, you have to manually add the wave effects folder to your P3D Add-ons folder but that's it. Disabling or removal is simple should you so decide. Further instructions are included. The second option is to learn how so called line controllers work in effect controller files and adjust the pertinent values. But the various line controller variables are interrelated and getting them such that they all work properly together is not that easy. Doing this does not change the default wave effect file(s) unlike the Orbx Global Wave Effects where a different method is used to create the effect for each wave. Cheers,
  15. Hi guys, The waffle pattern Nick illustrates is a result of the cell size used by the enhanced atmospherics engine. I gather there there is a limit to the size that can be used for performance reasons but I'm sure the LM team is working on the problem. If you are interested, you could play with the VolumetricClouds.cfg to see if you could make the grid less obvious. Cheers
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