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Do overs..................


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I was asked the other day what three things I'd done in life that, if given the chance, I would you do over again. For me, it was an easy answer:


1. Sail down the Nile from Aswan to Cairo.

2. Float across the Serengetti Plain at dawn in a hot air balloon.

3. Hold Sandi in my arms and tell her one last time how much I love her.


What things in life would you do over if you had the chance?



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Wouldn't have married my first wife

Would have pursued my second wife sooner

Would have joined the army or airforce as pilot when I had the (three) chances to do so (first wife said no), or otherwise sought to be a commercial pilot

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Doug, great question. 

I'd do over

     1. Marriage to this wonderful wife.

     2. Spend eight years overseas working with the US military back when I was young.

     3. Major in English Literature and Philosophy.

    4. .Fly every chance I get.

    5. Joining the ORBX Forums. :smile:

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With the world the way it is today where everything has to be locked up, don't look sideways at someone at the risk of getting knifed, bashed or shot I would like to go  back to the early 60s when I was in my mid teens knowing what I know today.

Back then life was so much simpler where you could home from the movies on your own knowing you would be safe.

I would get a trade (which I actually did), chase harder after a young lady I had my eye on and follow my dream of learning to fly. 

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