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  1. Has anyone seen Terry Carter (TeeCee) lately? I know he wasn't enjoying the best of health and was pushing 80 and hoping he was taking a break.
  2. The thing is Landon there are a lot of people out there, me included, who get stuck into the assembly thing with the attitude of if all else fails RTFM.
  3. The only problem I see with most airports is that most of them don't own a lawnmower of some type. Some of the ultra-lights and small aircraft almost disappear if parked on the grassed area.
  4. Where did the Islander paint scheme come from please?
  5. A very friendly site. As a matter of fact I am a moderator of Canelos Cantina there.
  6. Thanks for that Pete. Looks like I might have to fire up X-Plane again.
  7. Great shots there Pete. Where do I get the paint schemes for the DC-3 and the 737?
  8. Wow. 4 months in hospital and rehab with a broken leg and this page is still on the same number as when I went into hospital.
  9. @Wolter van der Spoel and @Ryan Masonhave been active on Facebook.
  10. Terry Carter (TeeCee) lately. It has been a long time since his last post.
  11. Still only a youngster. Turned 74 last October.
  12. I turned 74 last month but still classed as a youngster here.
  13. For me it was 68 when I retired from those terrible 0400 starts as a taxi driver.
  14. Could be. I have an Insiders version of W10. I get regular updates I will look at the Insiders problem.
  15. Thanks everyone. Thanks for the link Nick. I have downloaded the X-Box Beta and will try again tonight as I have medical appointments today and getting ready for a house inspection tomorrow so will be busy for the rest of the day.
  16. I have installed MSFS to the default Program Files folder but when I try to run MSFS2020 I get an error message. When i check there appears to be nothing in the folder but when I check the app store it tells me the programme is installed. Here is the message I am getting.
  17. Us old farts lead a rather quiet, mundane life here with sudden bursts of activity then a hiatus to rest up for the next one. Oh did I mention we occasionally fire up our sim and take off anywhere in the world.
  18. Where did you get the paint scheme? And is it the FSAddon Lodestar or the Milton Shupe version.
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