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  1. Nice set Wayne! Looks like a nice aircraft there!
  2. Great set, Gerold!
  3. Nice shots! Cool aircraft, unique color - stand out, that's for sure! (And yes, I too love Orbx Sales! Made a purchase as well through that last one)
  4. It does look like two Crowns. Shame, even the updates are now starting to break scenery. I love this sim too much though to ever leave it, I have too much invested in it already, and really waiting for PMDGs 737 now too!
  5. Great variety of shots. Well done!
  6. Just wanting to say as I'll be off the forums most of the weekend watching the Twilight Zone Marathon, Happy New Year to all my friends here at the Orbx Forums! Climbing out over Drzweicki Design Chicago (Hope that's spelled right....
  7. Thanks John! Glad you enjoyed viewing them as much as I did making them! Thank you sir! Much appreciated iain, Thank you! Glad to have you along on the taxiing and departure!
  8. Taxxing out and departing KDCA this afternoon, Citation Longitude. Waiting for pushback Push back commencing Lots to see around us at KDCA Coast Guard standing by in case of nautical emergencies View of our Private Jet from the Terminal Holding Short Runway 1. Taking Off Climbing out over D.C. Flying past the Washington Monument and the Pentagon in the distance. Trying to stay out of restricted airspace. But, this is the route the sim has us follow? Over the Washington Monument, and past the Capitol Building and the White House? Bring us that horizon ----- Boston Bound, but no landing shots since Orbx does not have a KBOS sadly. We need one Orbx. Have a great night everyone!
  9. I like your way of thinking! An app sounds like the way! Like the old Prepa3d control panels.
  10. Hey John... Yeah, man, I understand the worker thing, but I'm talking about the static people standing around all over the airfield grounds. Thanks though!
  11. Is there a way that we can have a switch to turn people on and people off around the airport buildings that are placed by Orbx Developers, especially those that are supposed to be traffic spotters and just hanging out at the airport? I ask because when you fly at various times of the day, say, around dawn for example, in rainy/foggy/snowy or inclemment weather, I seriously doubt they would still be around at that time, say Pre- 8am or so. Its highly unrealistic, and it does ruin screen shots when departing at those time frames. Thanks for considering this in advance in the future and hope it is doable with MSFS,
  12. At least the pizza wasn't damaged in the wreckage! If you want to try a good pizza sometime, get BBQ base sauce, bacon and red onions with extra cheese. Nom nom nom!
  13. Thank you John. Much appreciated sir! Thanks Mikee! Glad you enjoyed them! More coming of a complete flight this time.
  14. Thanks John! Much appreciated... Thanks John! I love the colors at Dawn/Dusk especially in this sim Thanks Bullfox! The Citation is Default Longitude! Thanks Landon! I am as well. So happy to fly without the CTD anymore! Opens up whole new doors for Round Robins out of KPWK!
  15. Departing KPWK from FlightFX to Washington DC. CTD sorted out. It was my controllers causing it, so the airport's perfect, as with every other Orbx Product. On the Ramp at Signature Flight Servies, Chicago. The last two seats of our Citation has been reserved only, so there must be some very hush hush convo going on with our Passengers to Washington DC. Rocketing out of KPWK for the emergency senate meeting in DC. Told to get there as quick as we can! Chicago in the Distance A Shy Sleepy Eyed Chicago peaking through the Clouds On the way to DC....climbing above the clouds, put on those Sunglasses! On approach to DC, runway 19. I need to practice Citation landings much better! Have a great day everyone! Be good! Less than a week to behave more before Christmas so Santa can bring you all those Flight Sim add-ons for presents!
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