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  1. So is it still the themed contest or back to everything and anything just as long as Orbx is in it? Just making sure. Thanks....
  2. How far the simulator has come today. I'll take my MSFS 2020 over FS9 any day of the week - shocking what we used to consider good scenery back then with the repeated land class tiles. LOL.
  3. Yeah, me either.....glad its confirmed! Never knew about the FS2004 project, just wish a better shot was shown of it......
  4. Really? Orbx did FS9? Had no idea....
  5. Agreed. I've been entering for the past five years and still have never won.....
  6. In your above reply, you state you can only win once in a given time period....then you say as far as I am aware, there is no limit on anyone, so what is it Nick?
  7. I always thought it rather was, that its not just for people who entered to vote, but everyone? Maybe someone can clarify this....
  8. What is that period that people can only win in? Its not stated in the rules of entry for the contest. I'm just curious, because in a few months time frame one member did win a couple of contests.
  9. Ir can work, just implement rules as I suggested that If you like something in the posting of the screenshot entries, people must VOTE for that one that they like. Also LIMITING the number of times people can win in a certain period can definitely up the chance of others winning that enter regularly and don't win because of the popularity contests and hugs club if they all have their little clicks they belong to in the forum. We need a more fair voting system. That's the problem. Its very misleading when you get 9 likes on your entry but then no nominations in the contest itself.
  10. I think that one good rule for these contests in the future would be that if you like a picture or react to it, you have to VOTE for it. Its very misleading when you get 9 likes and not one nomination for the contest. Just sayin'.
  11. If the same people win these over and over again these are NOT contests. Sorry.
  12. Nice night shots. I find those the difficult the most to capture.
  13. I see what you did there....
  14. Wow, the nostalgia of FSX. Nice shots.
  15. Sometimes just one is all that's needed. Its a beauty Carlos. As usual. Well done.
  16. All those shots are incredible Carlos, but that last one with the lightning! WOW! Shocker! No pun intended! LOL
  17. Awesome shots - they look like little miniatures.
  18. Great shots again Carlos. Awesome lighting and great atmospheric effects in those.
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