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  1. Hi, Unfortunately due to a limitation of the sim it is not possible to recreate the " full " tunnel, so i have opted for a " fake " version of it. The cars do not enter and leave the tunnel. Regards, Matteo
  2. the update has been done and sent, probably it is still not available for download. @Ed Correia do you know when it will be available? thanks
  3. Hi, with the upcoming update ( i am not sure if it is already out or not ) the windsock should be fixed. regards
  4. Hi Ravenn22, Thank you! The underpass it is something that i would love to add, in fact i have created a very detailed version to use in the scenery, but unfortunately i discovered that the sim terrain in this zone does not respond enough to create the hole to fit the 3d model of the tunnel, this is why i decided to go with the " fake " tunnel. I realy hope Asobo will improve the terrain responsiveness even in the photogrammetry areas. Regards
  5. Hi, i am looking to add LOD to kvny in the next update, this probably will have some nice impacts on the performance. Cheers
  6. Hi, it will be released next week! This will be fix windsock and ils. Regards
  7. nothing, even kbur v1.01 it was working fine without autogen issue, the issue began after an update of the sim. regards
  8. No they do not, but there is just a couple of buildings close to the airport ( but them are hidden from other buildings, so they are not directly visible ) that are flat even if there is nothing that could make them flat, this i think it is the same bug it is happening at kbur but at kbur it is a lot more visible.
  9. Hi steve, we are still looking for a solution. Looks like im not able to fix it at the moment and we need the help of Asobo. the fact it is when you are editing the airport the photogrammetry it is present, but when you go to compile it the photogrammetry around the airport goes away, i think its a bug in photogrammetry. For the moment i suggest to use the airport without photogrammetry active. regards
  10. Hi, probably i have another solution, i will try to change the elevation of the airport from the current elevation to runway 16R elevation (802ft ) this will fix 2 problems: -you will have a corrected glideslope for 16R -probably the windsock will be fixed I hope will be possible to do without any problems since this zone it is full of bugs. Regards
  11. Ok i will look if i can and if there are any problems! Thank you for this info. Cheers
  12. Thank you! And what do you think the idea to make the elevation of the airport like the elevation of 16R? So higher than now? It would be better in term of usability? But remember everything will be flat
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