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  1. Hi, It is still not possible to remove the static aircraft at Lieo, but i am thinking to add an update with improvements and the possibility to remove the static aircrafts. Regards
  2. Hi the scale of the buildings it is correct. Looks like you have something installed at your end which make the height of the trees very low.
  3. Hi, I have chosen to replace by hand all the original fs2020 buildings precisely because they do not make the idea of immersion and authenticity that I wanted to give to the island. So I created 101 different models of generic houses with typical Greek texture that you can find in skiathos and this made it possible to create the typical "skyline" of the city of skiathos. Greek houses are mostly square blocks. For larger buildings, with particular shapes, for all tourist villages, churches, restaurants, sports fields, schools, industrial areas, ports, piers, etc., I created customized 3D models as faithful to reality as possible. I recommend that you take a closer look and discover all the custom buildings and details present. For the popping of the buildings, I wanted to wait and see user feedback. For my taste with the right setting it is not something that stands out that much. They start appearing 4km away. However, I will shortly do a patch to fix the problem by increasing the visible distance. however the toytown it seems to me very similar to the real thing, isnt it?? Regards
  4. Hi, yes i will improve the lod distance of the buildings in patch. Regards
  5. Hi Erik, thanks, I cant do nothing about this, it is how the sim renders the island and the trees in the distance. cheers
  6. Hi thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we do not have a lot room to play with the trees. I think the density it is ok just the elevation could be a few meters lower but it is not up to me. cheers
  7. Hi, This is due to Lod of the objects. Maybe try to play with the sim Lod setting and see if this can help. However i am thinking to modify the lod of some objects in order to see the a little bit further without compromise performances. cheers
  8. Hi, Unfortunately due to a limitation of the sim it is not possible to recreate the " full " tunnel, so i have opted for a " fake " version of it. The cars do not enter and leave the tunnel. Regards, Matteo
  9. the update has been done and sent, probably it is still not available for download. @Ed Correia do you know when it will be available? thanks
  10. Hi, with the upcoming update ( i am not sure if it is already out or not ) the windsock should be fixed. regards
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