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  1. Any update on Frankfurt. Three months have passed by… Thanks.
  2. That is something else . A developer can give objects a certain maximum LOD. And above that value the inside menu slider has no influence …
  3. Your scenery is a masterpiece ; no question about it. Perhaps it is possible for people with less demanding pc’s to keep the current LOD and a higher LOD for high end pc’s ? … JustMy2Cents
  4. Go to : 2h 35min 40 sec + and look at the town while the ac approaches the airport That is the building popping what we are talking about….
  5. In this case the developer has redone the whole island and not just the airport. It is advertised as such. So one might expect the rest of the scenery to look quiet accurate too ; otherwise the rest of the island could have stayed default MSFS PR scenery ….. Hopefully the update fix will be released soon as now I prefer the island as it was by default because of the buildings popping…
  6. Thanks, that would be very welcome as the popping of buildings is not very nice to see.
  7. Surely the scenery looks very good. If the excess of trees are coming from Asobo then exclude masks might help : either several small ones or one around the airport… In total a very nice and welcome scenery…
  8. Very impressive Addon. Well done. Only there are way too many trees around the airport…. Can this be corrected ? Thanks
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