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  1. Middle Eastern airports please. Muscat International Airport Salalah International Airport Abu Dhabi International Airport Sharjah International Airport Bahrain International Airport Hamad International Airport Kuwait International Airport King Khalid International Airport King Abdulaziz International Airport All missing quality versions in MSFS.
  2. I'd much rather an option to remove them completely on PC. Even if it involves deleting some files in the scenery folder. Especially now that AI Traffic add-ons are making their way to MSFS.
  3. Hello, I love the Oblia Costa airport scenery, but the static aircraft use very low quality textures that it ruins the immersion, especially when parked next to them at the gate. I hope they get updated. PS: Is there an option to remove static aircraft from the scenery? I know it can be done via Orbx Central, but I purchased this via the in-game marketplace. Maybe a folder/files I can disable from the scenery folder?
  4. Very excited for the scenery map. Please also add an option to view all the handcrafted World Update airports in MSFS. There are lots of hidden gems there that I often forget about.
  5. Hopefully this releases in time for Sim Update 5. Really looking forward to it.
  6. Happy to see some middle eastern regions covered. Hopefully Muscat, Oman will be added at some point. Muscat International Airport needs some love in MSFS.
  7. Hey, did you manage to fix this issue? I am now getting 3.5fps in ESSA where it used to be flyable before.
  8. For once I actually don't mind the delay. With MSFS 2020 on the horizon I've put a hold on purchases that are not discounted, and by the time OpenLC Africa is released and then discounted down the line, MSFS 2020 would probably already be out and it might no be worth investing in the P3D release. Or, if MSFS 2020 turns out to be not worth switching to, then I'd still be able to get OpenLC discounted. In my opinion, there's just too much uncertainty at this point to make big investments in P3D.
  9. Awesome! Also, changelogs for scenery updates would be nice. Maybe it's just me, but I've made it a habit of reading changelogs before I click update buttons anywhere. Would be very convenient if changelogs could be easily viewed within Orbx Central. Thanks!
  10. Loving Orbx Central and its clean and modern design, what a difference it is from FTX Central! Great work. It would be great if it offered better visualization of what is owned and what is installed. Because currently, if a product is owned and uninstalled, it is greyed out just like products that are not owned. I know that there is a filter to show only owned content, but I think it would be better if there still a way to differentiate owned but uninstalled from unowned content on the list itself. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work! Fahad
  11. I noticed recently that when I fly around Africa that I get red "winter" text on the ground textures. Obviously it's very distracting and I'm trying to find a solution. In terms of add-ons I have a large number of custom airports, but my only landclass add-ons are Orbx (I have the entire Global Range) installed. Apologies if this is not an Orbx issue, but I am just trying to determine the cause. Thanks, Fahad
  12. This is solved. I used the 'Verify Files' option and now everything is right in the world.
  13. For ESSA, whenever I select FTX Global in its Control Panel, and then close it, and open it again, the option is not saved. The options under Grass also dont save. Only Airport Details seem to save. EDIT: I used the Verify Files feature and now everything works as expected.
  14. Having issues with the latest update for ESSA, it used to work fine but now it seems that the surrounding autogen is mixed with the airport. Screenshot: This is also possibly related? I've only seen it show up today. Could this be the cause? I did what it asked and restarted the sim, but I still have the same issue with ESSA. No other ORBX airports seem to be affected. Also attached is my scenery config. Any ideas on how to fix this? Much appreciated, Fahad scenery.cfg
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