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  1. Some superb shots here Adam . Say Hi to Peer for me sometime. Take care my friend, Dave.
  2. A very beautiful photo, being an avid railfan too, I appreciate the X-mass greetings and the CN promo. Thanks Karl
  3. Nice shots John, I haven't flown in so long, I forgot how good some of the scenery looks. Well done !!
  4. From my Cancer Doctor, telling me to keep up the good fight !!!
  5. Everybody wants something for free or as cheap as they can get it, this whole thread is full of nothing but complainers, get over it !!!! Just my opinion, but this whole d**n website is getting harder and harder to want to visit anymore!!
  6. Hey Bert, long time no see. Hope you have a great day & congrats on another trip around the Sun. Enjoy it my friend!!
  7. Besides, the forum header says - no support requests. Learn how to use the forums, Please
  8. You aren't the only ones, sometimes it seems as though the developer is trying to hide mistakes or be lazy developers just to produce as much sh* t to make as much money as they can regardless of quality(JMO).
  9. Thank You Karl, appreciate the well wishes & warning about eating too much . We Americans can never seem to know when we are full, take care, Dave
  10. I really appreciate all that everyone has shared, it makes it a little easier to realize that there are still some good people in this world. God Bless you All, Dave S.(aka Kodiak73)
  11. Thanks Roger, I appreciate the hopes and prayers that anyone shares. God Bless you All !!
  12. I'm 66 and desperately hoping to make 67 or 68. (Dying of Cancer)
  13. Damn, those look like monster penguins, looks like they could do some damage to the planes
  14. It's also one of the reasons that PMDG and A2A aren't developing anything for it too. Its a program that is still in development, that's why I have said in the past public beta testing !!
  15. Sounds to me like it is becoming more and more game than simulator. Glad I haven't wasted any time or money on it (JMO).
  16. Well, he said Central Rockies, so it ain't the latest game. Notice I didn't say simulator because it(2020) isn't a simulator since it is being dummied down for X-Box. Just my opinion.
  17. Well, they'll never do it for FSX, and I doubt that they will do it for anything less than P3DV4. Just my opinion.
  18. I thought it might be a mistake, but then I might have been mistaken
  19. Whoa, brilliantly shiny shots Iain, well done Sir !!
  20. Well people need to learn patience, JW never used to put up with this kind of harassment. People would be banned from the forums for being so impatient. That's all I'm saying, and I'm not gonna start a pi**ing match.
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